1991 VW MK2 Golf GTi



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A stunning and original MK2 Golf GTi, with full VAG service history and only 32k miles from new!!

Original paintwork
Zero modifications
Original wheels
All original booklets (in original binder)
Fantastic & Comprehensive VAG service history (20 stamps!!)
Very low mileage – 32,087 miles!
Fantastic history file
Unmarked interior
Correct original rubber mats
Drives absolutely superb

Last service carried out June 2016 – the car is ready to drive away and wants for nothing.

It is not very often a low mileage, totally original GTi becomes available, and with the prices of the MK1 GTi’s having really taken off, the MK2 is now appreciating in value quickly.
This example presents a very wise buy in todays growing market.


A lovely history file compliments this vehicle perfectly.

The original VW binder houses the original booklets, all of which are in great condition.
The service book displays 20 stamps, all of which are authorised Volkswagen/Audi Group dealers.

Alongside this, the history file contains invoices for every single stamp/service.
The history file is very comprehensive, and also has brochures, and magazine articles that have been kept over the years.

Of course the MOT history is also substantial, with 18 MOT’s all being within the file.
Any years the car was not MOT’d, it was on Sorn.

The original supplying dealer rear window sticker is still in place, as are the registration plates, and the original tax disc holder is in the history file of course.
The car has just been serviced, and a fresh MOT is in place, so the car is ready to drive away.

Body & Paintwork

Having measured the paintwork with a paint depth gauge, we can confirm the paintwork on this fantastic example is all original!

The car presents very well indeed, with a great shine and the red is still strong/vibrant.
All the trims are without any damage, and have not faded over the years as is so often the case with these cars.

The shell is in superb condition, all inner wheel arches, and the underside floorpan are without any corrosion, the car has clearly only seen good weather, and has been absolutely cherished throughout its lifetime.
All lights are in great condition – nice and clear with no chips or cracks. The badges are also in great condition, and all the glass is original with the registration etched on all glass.
Even the wheels are still in the original paint and in superb condition.

It is almost unheard of to find a MK2 Golf GTi in this original condition, a true gem indeed.

Interior & Trim

Interior – again, superb!

Totally original, and in great condition.
The seats are all without any signs of wear, and the bolsters are lovely and firm.

All switchgear works exactly as it should do, and all gauges work perfectly just as you would expect.
Original rubber VW mats are still in place front and rear, door cards are free of any damage, or aftermarket speakers.
Parcel shelf is also original without any aftermarket speakers,  the boot is fantastic, looks as though nothing has ever been placed in the boot!

Dash is in great condition, as is the steering wheel, gear knob, and handbrake.

The interior presents extremely well, and it is clear that you are sat in a very low mileage vehicle.


A fantastic engine, which has been very regularly serviced and maintained.

The car starts straight away every time, and idles perfectly.
Anybody who knows these cars will know that the 8v engine is a very reliable unit, with very effective performance for its time.

No tapping or smoking at all, a lovely quiet healthy unit, with a very smooth operating gearbox.
The car is an absolute joy to drive.

Presentation is key on this vehicle, and the engine bay presents very well.
No corrosion in sight at all, the original wax is still in place on the bulkhead and chassis rails, all totally original with no modifications and no paint repairs.

A Golf GTi that is ready to be enjoyed, not only driving to and from the shows, but being displayed any show’s of your choice.

Running Gear

As with the rest of the car, the running gear is in great order.

Suspension legs, lower arms, brakes, exhaust…..
All original items and in great condition throughout.

The car drives really very well, suspension is without any knocking at all, and the car handles nicely.
Brakes perform just as you would expect, slowing the car in straight and effectively.

All tyres are a premium brand and all have lots of tread.
The car wants for nothing, and is ready to drive away.