1975 VW Karmann Convertible



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A Genuine Karmann built Super Beetle.

During production of over 21 million beetles only 331,847 were officially Karmann
built convertibles from the Osnabruck factory with the very last being on the 10th January 1980.

This car was originally purchased last August by Steve as a gift for his wife Tracey,
in fact it was actually a 25th Wedding anniversary present!

However, since then she has fallen for a low mileage Concours Triple white GTI Golf.

This means this gorgeous Beetle is now available.


Full documented ownership history is supplied with the car along with most MOT’s and servicing invoices, also the original 1975 bill of sale is present.

1st owner 19th June 1975
Purchased new by Mrs J Mangan, Anaheim, California,
from Renfree Motors (VW Dealer) Orange county California for $5387.87.
Mrs Mangan sold the car in March 1977
Covered 6,000 miles

2nd owner 24th March 1987
Purchased by Mr Allen, Santa Anna, California.
Owned the car for 10 years
Mr Allen sold the car in March 1987
Covered 52,000 miles

3rd owner March 1987
Registered by Mrs Allen (wife of previous keeper)
Imported into the UK 21st March 1991
Covered 15,000 miles

4th Owner 28th August 2012
Purchased by Mr J Porter, Loughborough, UK
Sold the car August 2014
Covered 5 miles!!

5th Owner 21st August 2014
Purchased by Mrs T Earl, Norfolk, UK

California mileage history:
1977 – 6,372 miles
1979 – 23,228 miles
1981 – 40,302 miles
1982 – 43,154 miles
1983 – 47,574 miles
1985 – 52,850 miles
1987 – 58,580 miles

UK Mileage History:
1996 – 70,181 miles
1998 – 70,645 miles
1999 – 70,931 miles
2000 – 71,074 miles
2001 – 71,140 miles
2003 – 71,140 miles
2004 – 71,142 miles
2005 – 71,142 miles
2007 – 71,143 miles
2008 – 71,143 miles
2010 – 71,144 miles
2012 – 71,188 miles
2013 – 71,193 miles
2014 – 71,193 miles

Body & Paintwork

In the fabulous 1970’s colour of Nepal Orange.

Being a US car for its first 16 years has truly helped the condition of this car, it has never been welded underneath.
A small amount of paintwork has been carried out by Norfolk’s premier bodywork specialists.

This consists of the front wings, and bonnet.
This example is completely rust free throughout, and can be fully inspected on our lifting ramp.

Whilst the paintwork was being done, we decided to have the underside professionally cleaned and re-waxoiled to preserve the condition.
The original GT steel wheels have been professionally painted again by Norfolk’s premier bodywork specialists, as to retain the original look they had.

The car has very discrete hand painted coach lines in yellow & orange, that have been on the car for many years and look fantastic.

All chrome work is in very good order, and new mirrors are on the way, and will be fitted. (Originals have black spots in the mirror glass).

Interior & Trim

Originally a left hand drive vehicle, it has since been very well converted to right hand drive upon arrival into the UK.

The original GT high back black seats are still present, and are in good condition for the age, with no holes, rips or tears.
New interior mats are being fitted, along with a new cream roof lining as the original lining has a split at the back.


The engine has been converted to carburettors and runs very nicely.

Some details and old pictures are present within the history file which details the changes, and receipts for the work are also present.
The engine runs exactly as you would want, makes a fantastic noise and puts a big smile on your face.

Running Gear

Drives fantastic, with steering and suspension both functioning exactly as they should do.
Two new front tyres have just been fitted, and the rear tyres have around 5.0mm of tread left.

The car is due a full service over the course of the next week so you can rest assured that reliability will not be an issue.