1981 VW Golf MK1 GTi



A truly incredible, cherished, and perfectly preserved original early 1.6 litre MK1 Golf GTi.

Original spare keys
Huge history file
4x full magazine features
All original brochures & booklets
Every MOT
Full service history
Unmarked paintwork
‘As new’ interior
Incredible underside condition

This is not to be confused with a restored vehicle, this is a very rare, low mileage, low owner, original vehicle with exceptional provenance and can be described as a Concours original vehicle.
We deal with top class classic and retro cars daily, and this is one impressive vehicle with a hugely impressive history file to match.


Collected from the factory in Germany by the original owner, all original purchase invoices are present, along with a highly detailed written diary from the day it was collected in 1981 to 2002.
All invoices and receipts are present from day one, along with many brochures and booklets.

A copy of each magazine feature is also present (4 in total), and also negatives from one of the magazine photo shoots are present.

26 MOT’S are present within the huge history file, and sorn declarations are present for when the car was not used.
The original and correct wallet is present, with all original booklets held within.

All 3 original keys are with the vehicle also.

Body & Paintwork

A Mars red MK1 Golf GTi – does it get any better?

The ‘original’ hot hatch, in arguably the best colour….

This vehicle is incredibly hard to fault, with the paintwork giving a great shine throughout, and showing no signs of any fading or corrosion anywhere.
All wheel arches are absolutely perfect, along with the inner arches which are as the day it left the factory.

Bumpers are perfect without even a single mark, no dents on the vehicle, no scratches, and no defects.
All the badges are original, all lights are in fantastic order, and all the glass is without damage.

The spoiler ‘add on’ is none original, however it was fitted very very early in the life of the vehicle, and is present on the car within the magazine features, so we have decided to leave this in place as a ‘period upgrade’.
We have had nice MK1 GTi’s through our doors in the past, but this example is by far the best we have ever seen.

Interior & Trim

Absolutely as new within the vehicle.

The red centres of the seats are still extremely vibrant, and the seats are without any wear at all.
The carpets are also without any damage, and are still nice and thick.

Everything works just as it should do, and all switchgear looks just as it should do.
The steering wheel, gearknob and pedal rubbers are all in superb order, without signs of wear.

It is clear to see this car has been completely cherished throughout its lifetime, and the condition is just absolutely stunning.


As you would imagine, this vehicle runs like an absolute dream.

Starts beautifully everytime, and is very quiet even from cold.
Having been regularly serviced, and having had the valve clearance checked regularly has kept this early 1.6 litre GTi running perfectly.

The engine bay is of course all original, and still in superb condition.

On the road the car is a pleasure to drive, with no flat spots or misfires.
Only the exhaust is none original, although this is easily returned back to original, the exhaust gives a very nice and very subtle tone.

Running Gear

All running gear is in great order, with things such as the front suspension legs looking completely as new (including the springs which retain the original PDI markings).

The underside is literally as good as the top side, with no corrosion present anywhere at all, all components retain the original coatings/paint, and are completely original – even the rear brake drums have the original stickers present!

This is surely one of the best original, early MK1 Golf GTi’s left in existence, and is certainly a very rare collectors piece now.