2006 Vauxhall / Holden Monaro VXR 500



Here we are very pleased to offer, an extremely rare Vauxhall Monaro VXR 500.
Only 18 VXR 500’s were ever produced, making them highly collectable.

A very special car, with only 14,686 miles, which has clearly been loved from new, and still shows 0 previous owners on the V5.

See a walkaround video here – Monaro VXR 500 Video

It is believed that of the 18 produced, only 3qty had all options and this is one of them!
The full performance upgrades of this example over a standard Monaro 6.0 VXR are:

Harrop Supercharger
Re mapped PCM
Exhaust headers
Sports cat back
Wortec exhaust system
Adjustable suspension
AP racing brakes
Lighter clutch
Rip shifter
Racelogic fully adjustable traction control

Also with the vehicle is:

Original purchase invoice
Original brochures
Comprehensive MOT History
Comprehensive Service history
All original keys
All original booklets
Original tax disc holder
Original leather binder

Plus much more!


This VXR 500 has a comprehensive history file and warrants the low mileage just as you would expect.
Within the file is all paperwork from the pre-order form right up to present.

Original purchase invoice shows the options specified from new, and the V5 still states 0 previous owners, having been with the original owner from new until 2017 when it went in to trade and has remained with the same trader/collector until now.

All original booklets, paperwork and keys are present, and below is the service and MOT history.

Service history:
PDI in 2006
4,659 – 07
7,455 – 07 (road response pac)
8,045 – 08
9,640 – 09
10,850 – 10
11,894 – 11
SORN – 12
SORN – 13
SORN – 14
SORN – 15
13,020 – 16
13,225 – 17
13,409 – 17
14,371 – 18
14,608 – 19

MOT History:
9,646 – 09
10,851 – 10
11,901 – 11
SORN – 12
SORN – 13
SORN – 14
SORN – 15
13,020 – 16
13,236 – 17
14,371 – 18
14,608 – 19

Body & Paintwork

The Black paintwork on this VXR all in great order.

We have just carried out a two stage paint enhancement machine polish and the car looks beautiful!
Zero corrosion on the vehicle, and zero dents or dings.

This car has clearly been cherished throughout its life, and also kept away from any bad weather – having been garaged its entire life.

All badges are in great condition, as are all the lights.
All glass is original, and again is superb condition, with no damage.

Only a few small stonechips are present as you would fully expect, but overall a beautifully presenting example, with huge road presence!

Interior & Trim

What can we say….

The seats are literally unmarked, steering wheel & gear knob unmarked, original floor mats are still in place and show no signs of wear.
The carpets, and kickplates are all unmarked, the rear seats look as if they have never carried a passenger…

Anybody who is familiar with these vehicles will appreciate how easily the interiors wear, and will appreciate just how rare it is to find an example like this.

All gauges work just as they should do, the dash has never had any extra gauges fitted and is in perfect order, the door cards are perfect, with no lifting of the material at all.

At the front of the centre console sits the Racelogic traction control unit, and this hints at what lays beneath.
An excellent unit which adjusts the traction control to your current driving mood.


The 6.0 LS2 V8 needs no introduction…..

Vauxhall Dealership – Greens of Rainham conceived the upgrade package/s to really put the Monaro VXR on the map. Endorsed and warranted by Vauxhall, Greens were to produce 50qty examples of the amptly named VXR 500 (500ps/493bhp).

The power was made through various upgrades over the normally aspirated 6.0, with these ranges from fueling upgrades right through to a supercharger. Even at this power level, the engine is not under stress, with a VXR development/promotional Holden ute having a similar setup at 600bhp with zero issues, these engines can take big power before running in to any problems.

Being an example which had all the options ticked, it has the optional upgraded headers and exhaust system, which not only gives an incredible noise but is rumoured to push the power level past 500bhp.

With a claimed 0-60mph time of 4.9 seconds and a top speed nearing 190mph, these cars are to be taken very seriously even today.

Obviously being a well cared for and well maintained example, this car drives absolutely fantastically as you would fully expect.

Running Gear

Being a ‘fully spec’d’ example, this car had the AP Racing brake kits from new, meaning 363mm front discs with 6 piston calipers on the front, and 330mm discs with 4 piston calipers on the rear.

Also, the suspension upgrade and Racelogic traction control unit are fitted.
All running gear operates exactly as it should do, a very competent car, and thanks to the modern Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres, an even better drive today than what it would have been when new no doubt.