1992 Suzuki RGV 500 Recreation



A very rare opportunity to acquire a highly sought after RGV500 replica.

Please see a video of the bike here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnB-vqyIuWU

This particularly example is a very high specifcation which has been lovingly built over a number of years, and benefits from a freshly rebuilt engine.

Correctly and professionally modified VJ22 RGV250 frame
Various Performance Fabrications items used
Fully rebuilt engine (500cc) by Gary Parker with no expense spared (using NOS 500cc barrels)
Nitron rear shock
Brembo radial front calipers
Mini Brembo rear caliper
Brembo master cylinder
Kevin Schwantz Pepsi colours

This bike has been built to a very standard, using only the best parts available – please read the full description for details.
We have many further pictures and can answer any specific questions you may have – please contact us.


The build of this bike came about, when a good friend/customer of ours was presented the chance to buy an unfinished project – having grown up through the 80’s and watching the ‘golden era’ of Moto GP with the 4 cylinder 2 stroke machines he jumped at the chance to own and build his ultimate machine.

Once the deal was done the buyer realised that it was in fact best to start over and build the bike to his exacting standards.

Over a number of years, the bike has been built to the specification it truly deserved, using the best parts, products and specialists to produce what is, a fantastic homage to the ‘golden era’.

Body & Paintwork

As can be seen from the pictures, this RGV 500 recreation is finished in the Kevin Schwantz Pepsi colours and it looks superb!

The tail section has a very neat access panel in rear seat pod to access the 2 stroke oil tank, and all bodywork appears to be without any damage.
The wheels, frame & swingarm are all in great order and presenting just as they should do.

A truly striking looking machine in fantastic condition, which would look at home either at a bike show or at a race track.

Interior & Trim

As can clearly be seen in the pictures, all fixtures, fittings, trims and running gear are all in great order, most of these items being new.

Clip on’s, grips, bar ends are all new, the Brmebo RCS master cylinder is new, as is the mini Brembo rear caliper, Koso digital & analogue dash, and pretty much every other ‘trick’ item on this bike.

With the build of this bike being to a very high standard, everything has had ‘PDI’ markings as it has been built to ensure no stone is left unturned and everything is ‘just so’.

A real special build looking for a special home.


As you would expect, the engine has been fully rebuilt, both bottom and top end by Gary Parker using RG400 – 301 engine cases.
Both cranks were rebuilt by PJ motorsport engineering (PJME), 4 new rods were used, all sporting new Suzuki RG500 pistons & rings.
Crank webs were done to 500 specification, Genuine 500cc heads and New Old Stock 500cc Barrels were also used – very rare & expensive.

Top engine case CNC machined by Performance Fabrications (Mark Dent) for 500cc barrels.
Of course this was all tied up with an OEM Suzuki gasket kit.

4 x stock carbs are in place, all having been cleaned & rebuilt with air inlet venturis.

A Performance Fabrications billet clutch cover finishes things off nicely, along with Performance Fabrications expansion chambers (2 under seat & 2 on right hand side) with stingers.

The engine is a new build and will require running in and the fuelling / jetting setting up before any track / high speed work is undertaken.

Running Gear

As with the rest of the bike, the running gear is all of a very high specification.

Correctly and professionally modified VJ22 RGV250 frame, using Performance Fabrications (Mark Dent) engine mount kit welded into the frame.
Also a Performance Fabrications rear subframe with battery tray and oil tank, with the billet subframe support.

A Nitron rear shock absorber is fitted, and a mini brembo rear caliper on a Tyga underslung rear caliper mounting bracket takes care of braking with a wavy disc.
At the front, we have a set of upside down forks taken from a modern day GSXR which makes use of Bremebo radial brake calipers, which are neatly operated by a Brembo RCS master cylinder.

Braided brake hoses are fitted both front and rear of course.

Tyres are all new Dunlops.

Add to this the other neat items, such as aftermarket rear sets, Koso digital & analogue dash, Tyga lightweight fairing support and other such items – it makes for a very serious piece of two wheeled machinery.