2005 Subaru Impreza S204



A superb example of a highly sought after, and very rare Subaru Impreza S204.

If you have been considering one of these cars, then you will not be disappointed!
The way this car drives is simply fantastic.

For those not familiar with the S204 model, these are a JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) only variant, limited to only 600 units.
The S204 had many upgrades, including a Twin Scroll Ball Bearing Turbo, Equal Length Exhaust Headers (which helps to give a much nicer sound), STI intercooler, Sports ECU, plus more to help give 320bhp.

The Handling was also improved, with lower suspension, dampers jointly designed with Yamaha, and 21mm Anti Roll Bars.
Also many exterior features specific to the S204 model only, along with many other upgrades over the standard models – we are only just touching the surface, and a full detailed analysis of the S204 specification can be found here – http://www.supercars.net/blog/2006-subaru-impreza-wrx-sti-s204/

This particular example is in fantastic condition, with comprehensive full history including the Japanese history which is almost unheard of.

Original spare key (unused)
Full Japanese History
Japansese Auction Scoring Sheet (Grade 4B)
Original Japanese booklets & wallet
20 page Original S204 Brochure – showing in detail the S204 in identical standard form.
Beautiful underside condition
Original unmarked wheels
Xenon headlights
All bright pink underside components in great condition
Receipts totalling over £4,500.00 in recent months (detailed below)


Full Japanese history compliments this lovely example, with 11 stamps in the original Japanese service booklet, accompanied by an original S204 brochure.

Exported from Japan 3rd June 2016, the only UK owner since then has brought this S204 right up to standard.
A full engine rebuild has been professionally carried out due to a cracked piston (very rare for one of these engines), by one of the country’s most respected Japanese car specialist’s – Automotive Performance Tuning, with all receipts present.
This work alone cost £4,281.61p including parts – all receipts are present and show brand new parts used, including new oil pump, new clutch, new belts etc etc.
The car has since ran a very healthy 331.1bhp on a dyno dynamics rolling road.

Also new tyre’s have been fitted, and the wheels have been professionally refurbished.
Within the history file are receipts for various new interior trimmings, as these are well known for deteriorating and becoming ‘sticky’ due to the factory finish failing.

A very nice history file, which shows fantastic upkeep whilst in Japan, something which is often overlooked when dealing with Japanese imports.

Body & Paintwork

Finished in Crystal Grey Metallic, the S204 is a striking car in every sense.
This colour is a rare colour, and really shows off the S204 in its best light.

All paintwork appears to be original (we check with paint depth gauges) with only the front bumper having been repainted.
Having benefited from a professional machine polish, the car looks superb with no swirls/cleaning marks and a great shine.

Only a few small marks are present on the car, the most notable is a small scratch on the spoiler – overall the bodywork is in great order with no dents or dings at all.
The original wheels are unmarked, having been professionally refurbished in the correct colour.

All badges are originals, and are free of fading (a common issue with Japanese imports).

A very nicely presented S204 in standard form, which is becoming ever increasingly sought after.

Interior & Trim

The first thing you notice when getting in to this car, is the utterly fantastic seats as fitted from factory.

These carbon fibre seats hug you really nice & tightly, and the carbon fibre backs are unmarked.
In terms of wear, the drivers seat only has the minimum amount of wear showing, and both seats look gorgeous.

Second thing you notice once you start the car is the three centre gauges which all work perfectly, and help you keep check on everything going on with the engine.
All interior trimmings are in great order, with many of them having been replaced with brand new items from Japan (receipts present) – anybody familiar with these will be aware that the original finish turns ‘sticky’ after time and can ruin what is otherwise a perfect interior.

Original floor mats are still fitted, and are in very nice order, along with door cards, carpets and headlining which are all in very good condition.
Having driven many Subaru’s, this one really does feel special!


As has been mentioned, the engine has been fully rebuilt only very recently, and this was carried out by a highly reputable company (Automotive Performance Tuning).
All receipts present, along with a rolling road printout showing a nice and healthy 331.1bhp.

New belts, oil pump, clutch etc etc….
The list is vast and you can be rest assured that reliability will not be an issue at all.

Obviously the car starts and runs beautifully, no smoke when cold on start up, and no smoke either on boost or on over run.
A nice amount of power is on hand once the engine is warm and up to temperature, with strong performance. The car revs freely through the rev range with no hesitations.

With the improvements that the S204 had, such as equal length headers, twin scroll turbo etc – the car really is brilliant to drive, it also gives a fantastic noise, very different to the usual ‘Subaru noise’.
Any inspection welcome, a brilliantly fun vehicle which really is a true drivers car.

Running Gear

We have had this car on our ramp and cleaned down the underside, including all the bright pink suspension legs, anti roll bars, and arms, all of which look fantastic!

Being a recent Japanese import, the underside is in really good condition with no corrosion present at all.
All components are still showing the original coatings and finishes, with all the bright pink anti roll bars, suspension legs and arms still in great condition, being nice and clean and still very vibrant – even the original STI stickers are still on them!

The car drives absolutely brilliantly, having driven quite a few Subaru’s, this really stands out in the way it drives.
Not only in how tight it is generally, but the S204 differences really make it a very fun car!

Gearbox is an absolute joy, with gorgeous gear changes both up and down the gearbox.
The tyres are all new, and are all of a premium brand, and the brakes perform very well, pulling the car to a quick, precise and evenly distributed stop when required.