2007 Subaru Impreza RB320



Viewing by appointment only.

Welcome to the sale of this stunning & low mileage Subaru Impreza RB320.
We are delighted to have this car back in the showroom, having purchased it from the original owner previously & now having it back from the second owner.

The ‘Richard Burns’ 320 – 320ps (316bhp) & 320 quantity produced.
A very special car & very rare in this collectors grade condition.

Fantastic original example
Zero modifications
Only one previous owner (although the V5 states zero previous as it went into the trade)
Fantastic service history (most recent being in 2022/ 49 miles ago)
Lovely interior condition
Original RB320 specific mats still in place
All RB320 badging still in place
RB320 specific service book present & containing 10qty stamps
Great MOT history
Superb underside condition
Freshly machine polished/detailed
We have also carried out a dry ice clean of the underside & cavity wax of all chassis legs / box sections

The RB320 is certainly attracting lots of interest, with classic GC8 Impreza’s having risen dramatically, it is only a matter of time before the newer Impreza’s do similar, particularly such limited & special edition cars such as the RB320.


Accompanying this excellent car, is an equally excellent history file.

All original booklets are present & housed in the original wallet, with 2qty keys of course.
The RB320 specific tax disc holder is also still with the key in the file, along with documented service history both by means of service stamps & invoices.
Early service history being Subaru & then onto specialist in more recent years.

Also in the file is a brand new unopened RB320 brochure, all MOT history, old tax discs & entry slips for car shows that the original owner attended.

Service history as below:
2007 – 968 miles
08 – 6,278
09 – 7,436
10 – 8,397
11 – 10,205
12 – 10,917
13 – 11,062
15 – 11,381
19 – 11,589
22 – 11,611

Body & Paintwork

This example retains all of its original Obsidian metallic black paintwork & presents very well indeed.

Possibly one of the best looking Subaru’s, the black with the black looks menacing.
The factory gold brake calipers, along with the many RB320 badges let people know that this car is something special & that it means business.

The car has just undergone a paintwork enhancement (machine polish) to really show off the black paint as best as possible.

All the RB320 badges are original & as they should be, as well as all lights, glass & trims being in fantastic condition.
A couple of small storage marks do not detract from the car, & help show its authenticity – although these are being super fussy.

The splitter is a brand new old stock item as the original naturally had a few marks on it, so we sourced a new genuine item at a great cost.

Interior & Trim

The interior of this particular car can only be described, ‘as new’!

All trims are without damage, the Alacantara & Leather seats are beautiful, the RB320 logo’s really look great.
Original RB320 floormats are still present & in great condition, the RB320 gear knob is without signs of wear or damage.

Steering wheel, pedal rubbers, handbrake handle are all in great condition, all switchgear operates as it should do & the overall interior is just fantastic, it still has the Subaru smell too.


All RB320’s came from the factory with the Prodrive Performance Pack, this increased power to 316bhp (320ps).
Even by todays standards the RB320 is still a fast & capable performance package, which is guaranteed to put a smile on anybody’s face.

Of course this example runs perfectly, with zero faults.
Full Service history reassures that this car has been maintained regularly & regardless of cost.

Runs very quietly from cold & the car does not smoke at all, either on start up, on boost, on overrun or indeed at idle.
The car drives extremely well & accelerates just as it should do through the rev range.

We recently performed a full check over & service on this car, including the all important cambelt.

Running Gear

As per the rest of the car, all the running gear is in great order.

The brakes operate extremely well, bringing the car to a fast, firm & straight stop without any problems at all.
Handling is something all Subaru Impreza’s do well, this is of course no exception, with the factory upgrades as per all RB320’s, this car handles perfectly & is of course without any unwanted noises.

Gearchange feels fantastic, especially with the factory fitted short shifter on all RB320’s, very tight & precise.

All tyres have good tread (we would recommend these to be changed if the car is to be used due to age).

The underside of the car itself is in absolutely superb condition throughout, by far the best underside we have seen on an RB320.