1998 Subaru Impreza 22B



We are very proud to present our Subaru Impreza 22B.

Walkaround video here – Impreza 22B

This Japanese performance icon is an Appreciating Classics office favorite and if you know your Impreza models then you will appreciate why.
These models have become extremely sought after over recent years, thanks largely to the rarity, but also the link to WRC legend Colin Mcrae and the fact that Subaru have never really given us such a special car, either before or since.

This particular example is superb throughout and we expect this car to sell very quickly so do not miss out.

Comprehensive Japanese Subaru service history (30 x Subaru invoices)
3x original keys
All original booklets
Original & correct 22B floor mats
Japanese HPI clear
Japanese export documentation
Still reading in KM
4 x new Yokohama AD08R tyres
Beautiful original underside condition
Fantastic interior condition
Professional two stage machine polished (looks superb)
Recent cambelt service
12 months MOT


This Impreza 22B is a JDM model, being number 15 of the 400 made for the Japanese Domestic Market.

Imported in to the UK early 2018, the car was fully serviced including cambelt and water pump, and has since had very little usage – spending most of its time in an air chamber/carcoon.
It is very clear to see that before entering the UK, the car was pampered by its Japanese owner, with absolutely superb Subaru service history from Japan.

It is extremely rare to have such fantastic Japanese service history with an imported vehicle, and this helps set this example apart from the rest.
Not only does it have this superb service history, but it also has all original booklets, and the original key set.

The Speedo was changed to 280KPH by Subaru in 2005 – with 49,871km showing at the time, this is fully documented by Subaru within the history file.
Now reading 30,348 km’s – this is a total of 80,219 km’s (49,845 miles).

Below is a glimpse of the service history.

3x early invoices – dates/mileage cannot be read.
03 – 39,726 km’s
04 – 46,303
05 – 46,312
05 – 49,871 (Speedo change from 180kph to 280kph by Subaru – original 180kph speedo cluster is still with the vehicle)
06 – 6,348
06 – 6,730
06 – 7,797
07 – 11,024
08 – 13,948
08 – 14,427
09 – 17,937
09 – 18,635
10 – 19,835
11 – 21,118
11 – 21,493
11 – 22,053
12 – 22,589
12 – 22,759
13 – 23,620
13 – 24,075
13 – 24,227
14 – 24,557
14 – 25,214
15 – 25,877
15 – 25,886
15 – 26,305
15 – 26,697
16 – 27,488
16 – 28,331
17 – 28,616

18 – 29,613 (full major service upon arrival in the UK)

Since acquiring the vehicle, we have had a full laser alignment carried out, by Japanese Performance Car Specialists – Automotive Performance Tuning https://www.ap-tuning.co.uk/ and we have had a full two stage machine polish carried out by Vehicle Detailing services www.vdservices.co.uk

This example now wants for nothing.

Body & Paintwork

What can we say – just look at it.

The wider track with the wide arches… unmistakable.

Having just been freshly detailed with a two stage machine polish, it looks absolutely fantastic!
Unlike many – this example is without years worth of nasty cleaning marks and swirls, it looks lovely and showroom fresh.
Original glass is in good condition, with only very minor marks on the door windows (anybody familiar with 2 door Impreza’s will know this can be an issue).

Correct and original lights are still fitted and in good order, and the original wheels are unmarked.

A truly stunning example which is sure to impress.

Interior & Trim

The interior is the big giveaway that this car has spent a life being pampered and cared for.

All areas of the interior are in great order, with very minimal wear on the tell tale areas.
Not only this, but thankfully the car has never had any aftermarket gauges screwed in to the trims, or stuck to the trims – as is so often the case with Japanese vehicles.
The only addition to the interior is a turbo timer, which is neatly situated under the steering column.

The dashboard is in superb condition, as are the seats, steering wheel, pedals, original & correct floor mats, and all switchgear.
Everything works just as it should do of course.


With such care and money that has been spent on regular servicing and maintenance over the years, you would fully expect this 22B to run perfectly – and of course it does.

With the 2.2L engine, power was claimed to be 276bhp – this is the figure which the Japanese manufacturers adhered to for the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ of the era.
Various owners have claimed that the 22B has made 300+bhp when tested on a dyno however, and the performance would certainly suggest that this could well be true.

With the JDM examples having the shorter ratio gearbox, acceleration feels very impressive, and it really is easy to see why these cars gained such a name for being a true ‘drivers car’.

On start up, the car is without any smoking or unwanted noises, and much the same once warm and on the open road – no smoking either on idle, on boost or on overrun.
Performance is strong through the rev range, with no hesitations.

Running Gear

The underside of this car, is in superb and unrestored condition, and is free of any black underseal which can often cover any corrosion issues.

All running gear is in superb order, with no corrosion.
All wheels are unmarked, with new Yokohama tyres which cost over £750.00 recently.

The only changes which have been made to the running gear, is a cat back stainless steel exhaust and Ohlins shock absorbers.
On the road, the car is absolutely superb to drive, all the rave reviews of the 22B are correct.
Fantastic handling characteristics, thanks largely to its quick steering rack, and wider track – you are very aware you are driving a very special car.