1995 Renault Clio Williams 3

Deposit Taken


A very rare, and extremely original Renault Clio Williams 3 with only 13,500 miles from new!

2 sets of keys
All original paintwork
Original wallet & booklets
Original brochure
Dealer window sticker
Original PDI report
Original V5
Full service history
Comprehensive MOT history
Unmarked interior
Zero corrosion
Underside in superb condition

A very rare car in this condition now, especially with such low mileage, and such fantastic history – it is even still on its original tyres!


Purchased new by Auto Electra in 1995, it remained with them until 1996, at which point it was purchased by Mr Price.

It is clear to see this vehicle was his absolute pride and joy, not only by its condition but by the random hand written notes within the paperwork file. The Clio was maintained regularly and was always garaged.
The vehicle remained with Mr Price for 14 years, until he came to sell the vehicle in 2012, when it was purchased by Mr Lamprell.

Barely used at all, it was stored in a garage within a carcoon, but still maintained correctly.

Lovely paperwork history compliments the car perfectly, with original literature, original V5, brochures, booklets, PDI reports etc etc.

We all know that 80’s & 90’s hot hatches are good news, but they must tick all the boxes, rarity, originality, history, and they must have the heritage, they must be a car which on release managed to move the game forwards in one way or another. The Renault Clio Williams did that, it sold very well, and it was highly regarded as one of the most fun Hot Hatches of its time.

This car ticks every box.

Body & Paintwork

This Clio proudly displays fully original paintwork throughout, and is in remarkable condition.

Zero repairs to the paintwork, and only a couple of very small stonechips are present, these are barely noticeable at all, but anybody who has dealt with us will know just how very fussy we are.
All of our vehicles are of the highest standards, and this Clio is no exception.

All original decals and badges are without any damage, and still look nice and fresh.
Windows and seals all look superb, with no scratching of the glass, or fading of the rubbers.

All lights are lovely and clear, and all trims unmarked.

Interior & Trim

As you would expect, based on the condition of the car and the mileage….

The interior is superb, and these cars are known for poor wear inside.
The seats are still firm, and have zero visible wear on them.

Original floor mats are still present, and in good condition.
Gearknob and steering wheel are both very good, and all dials/switches work exactly as they should do.

The blue dials, seatbelts, gearknob insert and mats give the interior a nice sporting feel, taking you straight back into the 90’s and helping you understand just why these types of cars are so sought after in this condition.
They just don’t make them like this anymore!


What an absolute peach!

Even by todays standards, the car feels alive when driving it.
So much feedback, and such a ‘buzzing’ little engine, it is absolutely superb.

Of course with such low mileage, combined with such fastidious maintenance, the engine is still nice and ‘tight’, starts first turn of the key and is whisper quiet even when cold.
No tapping, and no smoking…

The gearbox feels great, lovely tight gearchanges both up and down, with positive location of all gears.

Running Gear

Of course, with use only in nice weather, the underside components and running gear are all in great order.
No corrosion showing, and as the car has had regular use and has never ‘stood’ for long periods of time, this has helped make sure that the bushes have not deteriorated through lack of use.

Although the original tyres are uncracked, we would recommend these are replaced if the car is to have regular road use.

Brakes are very good, with good bite, zero judder and bring the car to a controlled stop without any unwanted ‘wandering’.
Steering is very positive, with great feedback.

An absolutely brilliant 90’s Hot Hatch at its very best.