Prodrive P25

£595,000.00 +vat


Viewing by appointment only.

We are extremely delighted to offer this extremely special car, the eagerly anticipated Prodrive P25.

With our love of all things Subaru & our frequent dealings with 22B Impreza’s along with various other models, be it through our showroom supplying world best original examples or through our workshop restoring them back to factory type finish, as soon as we saw Prodrive were cooking something up which involved the classic GC8 shape Impreza we immediately contacted Prodrive to understand what it was exactly & to get involved.

Having spent time at Prodrive, with the designers, engineers & having been lucky enough to actually experience the P25 Prototype at Millbrook, we can confirm this is an absolutely exceptional car, once people grasp just how special these are the prices are likely to raise quite dramatically.
This is not a Subaru in a pretty dress, this is a motorsport pedigree designed vehicle which has been meticulously developed by one of the very best in the world, with rigorous ongoing testing & developing. Although we cannot reveal too much, we can say that the P25 has been tested back to back against some very serious supercar competition & the results have been quite staggering.

We are offering here one of our two P25 cars, which is expected to be delivered to us upon completion of build late summer 2023.

Some highlights of the P25 include:
Lightweight carbon-fibre bodywork directly inspired by the Subaru Impreza WRC97
Brand new Prodrive-built turbocharged four-cylinder boxer engine producing over 450BHP
Improved fuel system, New extremely high quality bespoke cooling pack to handle the additional engine power and completely new electronic systems.
Bespoke-built automated manual six-speed sequential with single paddle shift. With automated manual clutch.
Bespoke active centre differential
Adjustable driving modes & pedal maps.
Competition anti-lag system with rally-start launch control.
Bespoke Akrapovic titanium exhaust with silencer bypass
Bespoke discs and callipers designed specifically for P25.
Bespoke Bilstein suspension with lightweight linkages, improved geometry, and full adjustability design specifically for P25.
Bespoke Prodrive GC-012L wheels.

Currently the specification of this particular car is as follows:
Right hand drive
P25 signature blue
Exposed carbon fibre roof
Exposed carbon fibre mirrors
Carbon fibre tarmac front splitter
Sequential WRC style single paddle gearbox
Interior trimmed black/grey with blue highlights (stitching & logo’s)
SPX carbon fibre reclining/adjustable front seats

The specification can still be altered to your specific requirements, dependant on what options this could of course incur extra costs.

Whilst some people have discussed the pricing of the P25, a super low volume limited edition car (only 25qty to ever be produced), developed & built by Prodrive themselves, the pricing of the P25 actually looks very fair when looking at comparable builds/cars which – we are sure do not perform like the P25 does & in many cases do not hold the pedigree that the P25 does.


Prodrive is a name that is familar with almost anybody who is remotely interested in cars, the sight of the classic shape Subaru Impreza blasting through forest or tarmac WRC stages was left imprinted on the minds of any enthusiast at the time. The Prodrive name is synonymous with Subaru, however Prodrive have continued the great success story & since 2004, Prodrive has helped Aston Martin establish itself as one of the leading manufacturers in global sports car racing by winning numerous Le Mans & world sports car championship titles. The Aston Martin Racing works programme is fully outsourced to Prodrive. Prodrive are also very successful in the Dakar rally as well, along with various other successful ventures. It is fair to say that Prodrive know exactly how to build a very special car & are world renowned. They should truly be considered a very proud part of the British design, engineering & automotive industry.

Back in the midst of the Impreza hitting the rally stages in the 90’s, Prodrive/Subaru dominated the 1995, 1996 & 1997 World Rally Championships.
Subaru then created the very special Impreza 22B, a limited-production road-going Impreza STI directly inspired by its dominant Royal Blue rally cars.

Now, 25 years after the introduction of the fabled Impreza WRC97, Prodrive & Peter Stevens – the very same consultancy who designed, developed, built & campaigned Subaru’s title-winning rally cars – are going one step further with the launch of the P25, a modern & exclusive interpretation of the original WRC car, evolving years upon years of championship winning DNA to deliver an exquisite road car that drives like no other.

Lighter, more powerful & with even better handling than the WRC cars, the Prodrive P25 will, quite simply, be the best road-going Subaru Impreza ever built.

The P25 has been based on the lightweight bodyshell & underpinnings of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi & has been comprehensively reengineered to cutting-edge motorsport standards by Prodrive’s world-renowned engineers & technicians to deliver searing real-world performance, akin to Subaru’s World Rally Cars. Having experienced the P25 Prototype first hand, we can confirm it is incredibly impressive in the way it performs.

As the name implies, only a limited number of 25 highly personalised examples will leave Prodrive throughout 2023 both in RHD & LHD format, of which all 25qty sold very quickly.

Body & Paintwork

Based on a GC8 Subaru Impreza Type R, the P25 benefits from a completely reworked chassis with various improvements in both strength & changes for suspension/geometry upgrades to allow for huge improvements in handling & braking.

The body is a carbon fibre masterpiece, meaning of course the P25 is extremely light, especially by way of comparison to modern performance cars.
The only non carbon fibre body part is the doors.

This particular example has been specified with the exposed carbon fibre roof & door mirrors, with the bodywork being finished in the P25 signature blue with signature anthracite finish on the bespoke P25 alloy wheels & to finish the aesthetics is the carbon fibre tarmac front splitter.

The P25 also has bespoke headlights & tail lights (we are not allowed to release pictures of these as yet but they look great).

Behind the bespoke P25 alloy wheels are the monstrous AP Racing brakes, which have been designed & developed for the P25.
Having personally experienced the P25 on track, we can confirm the brakes are absolutely phenomenal.

Overall the P25 manages to pay homage to the extremely successful Prodrive/Subaru WRC car & the ultimate road going Impreza in the 22B. It does this whilst managing to combine the best elements of both, with modern technology & engineering to build a car which is usable on the road & incredibly capable even against modern supercar machinery.

Interior & Trim

Do not think for one second that the interior of the P25 has been overlooked.

Of course it does have elements of design which are from the classic Subaru Impreza, but having been fully modernised, by way of a bespoke designed centre console, incorporating the controls such as driving mode control, launch control switch, infotainment system, state of the art digital cluster display & much more. Various other items are included, such as reverse camera, a premium audio system & of course – the single WRC style paddle for the Sequential gear change.

The door cards are very high quality molded carbon fibre, the surround on the racing specification peddle box is also molded carbon fibre. Seat options are available, with this particular car currently being specified with the ‘intermediate’ seat which is the Sparco SPX carbon fibre seat. The rear seats are redesigned/reshaped & the entire interior will be trimmed beautifully in black bridge of weir leather with two tone grey alacantara. Blue stitching & logo’s will finish off the interior perfectly.

Other options are available, be it a rear seat delete with a rear roll cage, Sparco QRT seats, 4 or 6 point harnesses, Internal HD camera with lap timing equipment, passenger side electronic dash readout with horn button footrest & various other options.


As you would fully expect, the engine used in the P25 is a unit that has been developed & built using a brand new block & heads by Prodrive.

Again the design, testing & development of this cannot be underestimated. The prototype car has been a test bed for various different setups & also for endurance/reliability testing.

Below are just some of the highlights:
Garret turbo
Baffled sump
Steel rods
Forged pistons
Bespoke cam shafts
Ported cylinder heads & new valve seats for air flow and improved combustion
Bespoke valve springs
Bespoke inlet manifold
Bespoke exhaust manifold
Air bypass system
Air to water charge cooler
High flow injectors
Race specification wiring harness
Race specification ECU
Competition Anti-Lag System (ALS) & rally start launch control will take the P25 from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds (tested & confirmed)
Akrapovic titanium exhaust with silencer bypass system

The P25 is much more than just numbers & parts though, it is the engineering & development which means that the power is useable in all aspects, indeed the engine is capable of much more than 450bhp & so is the hardware, but in the current guise the car is on boost at 2500rpm & making over 200bhp at only 2500rpm, which in the real world means very little lag & a throttle response which feels more like a normally aspirated car. This is where Prodrive really shine, anybody can throw power at a car, but making it work where & how it matters is what really makes a car perform properly, that comes with years upon years of experience & development, of which Prodrive is at the top of the tree.

Running Gear

This in our opinion is largely where the work & efforts of Prodrive have been overlooked.
Once the motoring press get hold of the P25 we think that will change & people will realise just how special the car & build is.

Having spent time with the engineers we now understand just how much work has gone in to the P25, we unfortunately cannot do justice to the car in a single car sales listing, but we can reiterate that this is a highly developed car. It has not been a case of bolting on parts & hoping for the best. The Bilstein suspension has been revised multiple times after testing each revision, the Akrapovic exhaust has been revised until Prodrive were happy with the sound & performance. The fly by wire throttle & clutch have been heavily developed, the launch control system, the anti lag system, the auto clutch, the gear change…. all elements have been heavily tested & developed by the best in the world.

We dare say without experiencing a P25 first hand it is very hard to appreciate the true finished article.
What we would say, is if you missed out upon launch of the P25 or if you are unsure…. you will not be disappointed.