1990 Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi



Highly sought after, low mileage and original examples of the Peugeot 205 1.9 GTi have broken records recently in various auctions, with some achieving in excess of £35,000.00.
Examples with fully warranted low mileage, and in original paintwork do not come along very often.

29k miles from new (fully warranted)
2 x keys
Original booklets & wallet
Original purchase invoice
Original paintwork
Superb interior condition
Unmodified example

Having had a number of nice 205 GTi’s through our doors, we are confident in saying, this is the best we have seen.
If you are looking for an example to put away within a collection, this is the car!
Likewise, if you lust after one for the occasional sunny day drive and to enjoy shows – this example drives beautifully.


A vast history file compliments this low mileage and original example perfectly.

Included in the file is the original purchase invoice, spare key, original Peugeot/Talbot booklet wallet containing the original booklets (including service booklet), a letter & booklet reference original warranty extension, and a Peugeot 205 range brochure.
Also in the file are various Tax discs, Sorns, and various invoices from over the years.

The car has been stored away since 2014 by a collector, but as listed below, the history up until 2014 is comprehensive.

MOT History:
1993 – 7,672 miles
1994 – 9,199
1995 – 9,606
1996 – 10,025
1997 – 10,409
2000 – 17,577
2002 – 21,625
2003 – 23,496
2004 – 25,088
2005 – 27,909
2006 – 28,243
2007 – 28,404
2008 – 28,658
2009 – 28,851
2011 – 29,309
2012 – 29,312
2014 – 29,787

Service history:

1990 – 1,330 miles (Stamp)
1991 – 3,664 (Stamp)
1992 – 6,312 (Stamp & Invoice)
1994 – ???? (Invoice for oil change & no record of mileage on invoice)
1998 – 12,212 (Stamp & Invoice)
1999 – 15,189 (Stamp & Invoice)
2000 – 17,575 (Stamp & Invoice)
2001 – 19,955 (Stamp & Invoice)
2002 – 21,675 (Stamp & Invoice)
2003 – 23,496 (Stamp & Invoice)
2004 – 25,088 (Stamp & Invoice)
2009 – 28,851 (Invoice for Front brakes & Brake fluid change)
2010 – 29,150 (Stamp)
2014 – 29,770 miles (inc new clutch) (Stamp & Invoice)

We have booked the car in for a Service and 4 new premium tyres, plus 12 months MOT of course, so the lucky new owner can focus on enjoying the car.

Body & Paintwork

Having gone across the vehicle with a paint depth gauge, we can confirm that all body panels still have original paint.
All panels are very straight, without any damage – unlike a lot of 205’s which often have ‘wobbly’ panels and poor gaps.

Likewise, the bumper trims are all in very good condition, as are the side trims and the red inserts.

All glass is original, and the sunroof operates correctly.
All four wheels have been refinished by the previous owner, and are in unmarked condition.

All lights are in great condition, as are all original badges.

We can supply further pictures, which show that all inner arches are also in superb original condition.
A beautiful example of an unrestored 205 GTi.

Interior & Trim

Anybody who is familiar with these cars, will know that the seats tend to wear badly, with holes and collapsed bolsters being common place…..
This example still sports an extremely fresh looking interior, with all seats being in fabulous condition, and all bolsters being firm – holding you in place just as they should do.

The original stereo is still in place which works just as it should do, and the gearknob is without the usual cracks.
Of course the steering wheel and foot pedal rubbers are still in great order as well.

Rear quarter pop out windows operate perfectly, and hold firmly in place.

All door cards are without any aftermarket speaker holes, as is the rear parcel shelf.
Having had a few very nice 205 GTi’s through our doors, we can safely say that this example is by far the best we have seen.


Having been cherished its entire life, this example really does run beautifully.

Importantly, no smoking at all, either when cold or warm, and likewise, this is a very quiet engine when both cold and warm.
We are having a service carried out, to ensure the new owner can focus solely on enjoying the car.

When driving the car, it still feels great, and although the power from the 1.9 GTi is not high by todays standards, it still feels very lively thanks largely to the lightweight nature of the car itself.

As can be seen in the pictures, the engine presents very well indeed, with no modifications.
All engine bay paint is original, and in great condition, with original decals still in place and the original finish on engine components.

Running Gear

All running gear is in very nice condition, take a look underneath this GTi, or in to the wheel arches and you will be pleasantly surprised by the condition.
Suspension components all still present very well indeed, and the underbody / inner arches themselves look great, with little effort this could easily be turned in to an out and out show car.

On the road, the handling is still mighty impressive, with superb feedback and agility.
Braking is good, still nice and straight with good pedal feel.

All tyres are brand new premium tyres, a matching set of Uniroyal RS3’s.

Of course the gearbox operates as slick as it should do, with the clutch being light and a pleasure to use.