1974 MK1 Ford Escort 1300E



Welcome to our stunning 1974 Ford Escort 1300E.

Spare Keys(original with tag)
Original Booklets
3 previous owners
3rd owner from 1984 to 2011 – 27 years ownership!
All original panels
Fantastic history file
Beautiful condition interior
Very high quality paintwork
Used mainly for car shows

A delightful MK1 Escort 1300E, in lovely order.
A very rare car in such condition now.


Built during May 1974 and then registered 19th June 1974.

Supplied new by Chiswick Garage – London.

The car was originally owned by Mrs Hawkins, until 10th February when it was transferred in to Mrs Hawkin’s husband’s name – Mr Hawkins.
Then on the 23rd June 1984 the car was purchased by Mr Watt.
Mr Watt was one of the founding members of the Ford Escort 1300E Owners Club and owned this vehicle for 27 years!

In 2011, the car was purchased by Mr Bennett.

Once purchased by Mr Bennett, the car underwent a full professional repaint, to a very high standard.
This was purely down to storage marks, not poor condition.
Hence the car was not restored, it was simply repainted.

Within the history file are a multitude of invoices and servicing receipts, along with 20 MOT certificates.
Also present are the original booklets within the original wallet, as well as various details of the 1300E specification when new.

Body & Paintwork

A simply beautiful finish is present on this MK1 Escort, and the Sahara Beige suits the 1300E perfectly.

When Mr Bennett purchased the car in 2011, debated for some time, as to whether to have the car repainted in the original Sahara Beige or leave it in the original paintwork, the only reason for this was due to storage marks, as the car had been stored for the 12 years prior.

Eventually he decided to get the paint looking its best again, stripping the car, for a full windows out repaint. The receipt is present within the history file, and the cost was £2,800.00, considering this did not include strip or refit, it was a pricey repaint, but this really shows and the paintwork is fantastic!

All the panels are original panels, this car did not need any restoration works, it was simply a repaint in the original colour which was required.

All badges and trims are in great condition, all glass is in superb condition without the ‘usual’ MK1 Escort scratched door windows.
The condition of this car really is remarkable.

Interior & Trim

The interior is in superb condition, being all original, it is very impressive indeed.

The seats show no signs of wear, and the bases are still nice and firm, which for a MK1 Escort is fantastic. The original carpet is still fitted, with the ‘1300E’ above the throttle pedal still in place.

The 6 pot walnut dash is in great condition, with everything working just as it should do.
Door cards are again, in original and remarkable condition.

As has been mentioned, the glass is in very good order, with non of the usual scratching on the front doors, as is often the case on these cars.

Overall the interior of this car is simply fantastic, and very hard to fault.


With the loving ownership this car has endured, the engine runs perfectly.

Cold starts are not a problem, and no smoking at all of course.
The engine gives great performance once out on the road, with smooth acceleration throughout the rev range.

An absolute delight to drive, stepping back in time when cars were cars, and not just electronics.
The engine bay itself presents very well, and would be right at home at a classic car show.

Running Gear

As you would of course expect, the running gear is all in excellent order.

The car drives superbly, with no unwanted noises at all, the brakes perform well, pulling nice and true.
An absolute pleasure to drive.