1990 Mini Cooper RSP

eBay Charity Auction - SOLD.


Royal Trinity Hospice Charity Auction!!!

eBay auction link – https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/223376397803
Auction ends at 1.04pm on Monday 18th of February.

Here we are offering a Mini Cooper RSP with just 5,388 miles and one owner from new.

The car is offered on a no reserve auction, and other than the eBay fee’s and photographer costs the full amount will be donated to The Royal Trinity Hospice!
That is right, the full amount!

Please take a moment to visit the website of The Royal Trinity Hospice here – https://www.royaltrinityhospice.london/

Take time to read the full listing for a full description of the car, we do recommend viewing so please contact us to make an appointment.

This Mini RSP is being sold by the widow of a patient in his memory and in appreciation of the care he received at Royal Trinity Hospice in London.

The Hospice tell their story:

When we were first approached about selling the Mini, we were overwhelmed with generosity. This is not the kind of thing that happens to us every day. We were all delighted to find experts in the field who would be able ensure the sale went through smoothly and to help us find the right buyer. Appreciating Classics have been amazing and are helping us without any of their usual charges.

If you are bidding, thank you so much. If you are lucky enough to win, you would be welcome to come and visit us in Clapham, London, and we can show you the difference that this family and the sale of this lovely Mini RSP will have on the people in our community.

Thank you.

The Mini RSP is a limited edition, RSP standing for Rover Special Production.
Only 1,050 examples of the Cooper RSP were produced for Britain, with a total 1,650 worldwide.

The Cooper RSP was the special edition, relaunch of the Cooper which had been absent since the 1960s.
Having many special features (as detailed through the listing), the Cooper RSP became an instant success and is one of the most collectible Mini’s of the period.


Purchased new, 16th of October 1990 through F J KEEN & SON LTD.

This example retains the original purchase invoice, along with spare keys.
The original owners handbook is still present as is the purchase receipt and the original tax disc (still housed in the supplying dealer tax disc holder).

With zero previous owners, and only 5,388 miles from new, this is a very special example indeed.
A few early invoices are also present, although nothing for recent years as the car has been in long term storage for many years.

A HPI certificate is also present stating the car is without any untoward history.

Sadly due to the passing of the owner, his widow has decided to sell his beloved Mini and the money will be donated to Royal Trinity Hospice.
We have offered to market the vehicle at zero cost for this great cause.


Body & Paintwork

Finished in Black this Mini is good and very honest condition, with the contrasting white stripes & white roof being a great colour combination.

The paintwork is all original other than the boot lid which appears to have painted some time ago and is done to a good standard.

As the pictures show, the car is not in ‘perfect show condition’ but it is good and would easily be turned in to a fantastic example with a little work – by this we mean a few small dents attended to and a machine polish to remove the swirls and to really get the paint looking its best. (we are very fussy at Appreciating Classics).
No rust issues as is often the case with these cars.

Being so original, the car retains all the correct and original badges and decals.
The original wheels are still fitted, along with the original tyres on all but one wheel (recently replaced due to a puncture).

A great car with the potential to be really very nice with little effort.

Interior & Trim

As per the exterior, the interior is totally original, and in great order.

Beside the condition, this is a great looking interior, with the RSP specific red rimmed steering wheel (unmarked of course), and the seats which look fantastic with the matching red stitching and piping.
The seats are simply as new, with no signs of any wear.
Red carpets are again in superb condition, with no holes or rips, it still looks very fresh and vibrant throughout.

The original Philips stereo is still fitted, as is the original gearknob.
Simply totally original, and in great order.

The original sunroof (all RSP models had a sunroof fitted) is still fitted, with the correct original markings and decal on the sunroof winder.


With the Mini Cooper RSP being the rebirth of the Mini Cooper, they had to fit an engine that would make it the stand out Mini.

The 1275cc engine was fitted, making the Mini Cooper RSP the fastest accelerating car of its class at the time.

The car of course runs perfectly, starting with ease and running smoothly from cold.
The engine bay itself presents well, and could again be made to look great with little effort.


Running Gear

All running gear is in great condition, and everything operates as intended.

The gearbox operates nicely, with a smooth and precise gearchange.
Brakes again, operate very well and pull nice and true.

The original wheels are still fitted along with the original tyres on all but one of the wheels (recently changed due to a puncture).

Driving the car reveals a true little gem, with it driving just as it should do whilst putting a big smile on your face.
The underside itself is in great condition.