2000 Lancer Evolution Tommi Makinen



Offered for sale by ourselves for a second time after originally selling this car in 2017, is this stunning Red Tommi Makinen Edition Evo, with just 27k miles from new and full history!
The only reason for this sale is due to the owner/collector having a shuffle around of his collection to focus on his Ford RS restoration projects.
Many more pictures available.

Imported new, by a UK Mitsubishi dealership for a customer so full UK history from new.
Full service history
Full MOT history
Original paintwork
Original spare keys
All original booklets
Immaculate interior

With ‘The Gran Turismo era’ cars climbing in value quickly over the last 12 months, the red Tommi Makinen Editions are in serious demand and are tipped as a fantastic future investment, we are very pleased to offer this fantastic example which would look at home in any serious car collection, or indeed this example is ready to be enjoyed as a weekend luxury.


Accompanying this example, is a vast and thorough history file as can be seen below, perfectly warranting the very low genuine mileage.
Each service stamp has a matching invoice, and also within the file are various brochures relating to the Tommi Makinen Edition, as well as the original spare keys and original booklets (held within the original Mitsubishi wallet).

MOT History:

2003 – 14,841 miles
2004 – 17,528 miles
2005 – 19,334 miles
2006 – 20,852 miles
2007 – 21,798 miles
2008 – 22,364 miles
2009 – 23,005 miles
2010 – 23,335 miles
2011 – 24,048 miles
2012 – 24,779 miles
2013 – 25,121 miles
2015 – 25,248 miles
2016 – 25,899 miles
2017 – 26,951 miles

Service history:

2000 – 1,524 miles
2001 – 4,729 miles
2001 – 8,761 miles
2002 – 10,100 miles
2003 – 13,110 miles
2003 – 15,505 miles
2004 – 16,732 miles
2004 – 17,975 miles
2005 – 19,040 miles
2005 – 20,030 miles
2006 – 20,543 miles
2006 – 21,311 miles
2007 – 21,984 miles
2008 – 22,588 miles
2009 – 23,068 miles
2010 – 23,392 miles
2011 – 24,598 miles
2012 – 25,059 miles
2013 – 25,178 miles
2015 – 25,539 miles
2016 – 26,015 miles

Please note that the 2015 service was a major service including timing belt so this is not due.

Body & Paintwork

As with the rest of the car, the bodywork is in very good order, with no damage or corrosion on the car at all.

The original passion red paintwork still looks great (measured with a paint depth gauge to confirm original paintwork), and the stripes finish the car off fantastically.
Only the bumpers have been painted, the front for a few stonechips and the rear when the UK style fog light was fitted.
Anybody who knows these cars will know that, like most Japanese cars of the era, the paint is quite thin and quite soft so are susceptible to marks/chips – this example in in great condition with only a very few small stonechips and this is being very fussy..

All badges are in very good condition, as are all the lights.

The decals are all original items, and not cheap lesser items.

The wheels are unmarked, and present really well.

An extremely well presented example throughout.

Interior & Trim

The interior of these cars can quite often be the downfall, with many showing signs of age/wear throughout, but particularly the front seat bolters, and the top of the rear seats tend to show fading due to UV exposure.
This example is immaculate inside!

Both front seats are in great condition, with none of the usual ‘bobbling’ material on the bolsters, and likewise the rears are fantastic, with barely any fading to the top of the seats at all.

Being without modification inside is almost unheard of, no extra gauges here, or screw holes on the dashboard.
The gearknob and handbrake handles are like brand new, as are the pedal rubbers and the steering wheel is only showing very light ‘shining’ from usage, but this is very minimal.

We have had a few very good condition Tommi Makinen’s through our doors now, but this without doubt is the best interior we have seen in one.


The somewhat legendary 4G63…..

With only 27k miles, this engine feels as fresh as the day it left the factory.
The service history demonstrates that this car / engine has been maintained fastidiously, with enthusiast ownership throughout you can be sure the car requires no mechanical works.

Starting from cold, the car does not smoke, and the engine does not have the usual tapping when cold (or warm for that matter).
When driven the car has great performance, even by today’s standards this is still a very capable machine.

Smooth power delivery throughout the rev range, with no smoking either when on boost or on overrun.

The engine bay itself presents very well, without any modifications.
Anybody familiar with these cars will know that brackets, fixings, and bolts do show signs of age very quickly/easily, but as the pictures demonstrate this example is in great order.

Running Gear

As with the rest of the car, all running gear is in perfect operating order.

The brakes are very effective, and pull the car to a confidence inspiring stop, nice and straight.
All suspension is without any noises, and handling is simply sublime.

The gearbox is without any crunching either changing up or down the gears, and the clutch is a pleasure to use.
All wheels are unmarked, and have matching premium tyres fitted.