2024 Kawasaki ZX10 RR 40th Anniversary Edition



Viewing by appointment only.

Our personal Kawasaki ZX10 RR 40th Anniversary Edition, sold prior to making it to market.

Built to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Ninja brand, Kawasaki released 3qty different ‘retro’ paint schemes for the 40th Anniversary edition, with only 40qty to be produced.
The Anniversary model is based on the already outrageous Performance Edition, with almost 210bhp this is a serious contender for the fierce 1000cc crown.

Each example has a ‘1 of only 40’ plaque, as well as a Kawasaki cover, a Kawasaki stand & of course available in only one of the 3qty retro colour schemes.


Body & Paintwork

Interior & Trim


Running Gear