2015 Kawasaki H2R



Viewing by appointment only.

Here we are proud to offer our Kawasaki H2R for sale.
The most insane Kawasaki ever produced? Without a doubt!

A collectors example with delivery mileage, plus a demo run at Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

New OE tyres fitted
Complete H2R booklet included
Tyre warmers
Front & Rear stands

Unmodified condition having been part of a collection since new.

The Ninja H2R is a supercharged masterpiece.
Created with cutting-edge engine performance, the highest quality chassis dynamics & a host of craftsmanship details to create a new two-wheel icon.

A sure fire future classic without any doubt, the bike which broke the mould & was made, really….. just because they could.


From what felt like nowhere, Kawasaki announced the H2R which was simply unlike anything else available at the time.
To celebrate 30 years of the ‘Ninja’ model line, Kawasaki brought us the H2 (road bike) & the H2R (non-road legal ‘race’ bike).

The H2 road bike was released to very high praise, with its almighty Supercharged engine with around 200bhp, a superb power figure for any superbike.
The H2R took things to a whole different level though, with 310bhp (326bhp with ram air operating), lashings of carbon fibre bodywork, aerodynamic ‘winglets’, slick tyres, titanium exhaust & superb rider aids to help utilise the power.

In 2016 Kawasaki supplied a totally standard H2R to Kenan Sofuoglu to attempt a top speed run. The tyres were a special formula to withstand the speeds & the bike managed a displayed 400kmh! This equates to 248mph!! What is even more incredible is the bike went from a standstill to the 400kmh in just 26 seconds!

Body & Paintwork

The incredible paintwork on the H2R is something to behold.

As are the rather crazy aero winglets which seem to be the first thing people pass comment on.
The H2R looks absolutely brilliant, the colour, the green details & frame, the carbon fibre, the single sided swingarm, all of these things help make the H2R look like nothing else on market, either before or since.

Indeed it is unlikely we will see another bike produced like the H2R.

This example has only been used once, so of course the condition is superb save for a couple of very small marks which you would expect of any bike that is now 7 years old.
A menacing ornament or a beast of a machine to be enjoyed, you decide.

Interior & Trim

All trims/switchgears are in superb un-used condition


A claimed 310bhp from its 1000cc Supercharged engine.
On a bike – 310bhp!

0-60mph comes in under 3 seconds, but it is above & beyond that where the power can really be used, the 0-60mph really does not give the full story.

Online videos show various examples of the H2R roll racing various very highly tuned cars, north of 1500bhp & even F1 cars, the H2R has no problem with such machines and dispatches 95% of them with relative ease.

A truly iconic bike, which will surely go down in history as an all time great.
Of course this example runs just as it should do & sounds simply incredible.

Running Gear

Having only been ridden once at the Goodwood FOS, this example remains in superb condition.

New OE spec tyres were fitted after the demo run on the hill & it has since formed part of a collection.