1992 Honda NSX



Viewing by appointment only.

Welcome, to what we believe to be, the perfect future classic.
The original Japanese ‘Supercar’, the absolutel masterpiece that is an original, early, pre power steering Honda NSX.

Our Honda NSX is not the usual, high mileage, multiple owner, well used example (most are well used because they are such a delight to drive).
This is a real collectors example.

11,618 miles from new
One Owner (zero previous owners)
Original purchase invoice
Original keys
Original V5 – Later V5 & current V5
Original booklets – even down to the salesman’s business card
Superb history file
Beautiful underside condition
Original wheels

As part of our thorough preparation for marketing, the car has undergone:

Fully serviced – including cambelt change
Freshly detailed – three days machine polishing
Freshly dry ice blasted underside & inner arches
New tyres all around (original tyres are with the car should a collector want them)
Brakes all stripped/cleaned
Interior all cleaned & conditioned

Plus more…..

An exceptional example, of an exceptional car.


Upon release, the Honda NSX was praised wherever you looked.
It is not hard to see why, not only was the NSX much more reliable than the arguably more ‘exotic’ supercars coming out of Italy, but it was comfortable, it has space for luggage, it was well built, and the biggest difference was that the NSX could actually go around corners without trying to kill you.

A truly competent & rewarding ‘Supercar’ in the early 90’s was unheard of, the handling aspects of the NSX are famously linked to the great Ayrton Senna whom had a big influence in this area of the development.

This example was purchased new by the only owner, on the 31st of January 1992.
Within the fantastic file is the original purchase invoice, along with original keys, all booklets, vast MOT & service history, plus various pictures of the car when new, with some road reviews from various magazines.

MOT History:
1995 – 7,202
96 – 9,201
98 – 10,186
00 – 10,256
01 – 10,318
02 – 10,579
03 – 10,896
04 – 10,898
05 – 10,996
06 – 11,005
07 – 11,015
08 – 11,022
09 – 11,030
10 – 11,052
11 – 11,061
12 – 11,067
13 – 11,108
14 – 11,388
15 – 11,392
16 – 11,402
17 – 11,435
18 – 11,436
19 – 11,516
20 – 11,518
21 – 11,522

Service history:
1993 – 4,012 miles
93 – 4,489
94 – 4,907
94 – 6,940
96 – 9,201
07 – 11,014
12 – 11,070
15 – 11,392
16 – 11,402
18 – 11,436
18 – 11,480
21 – 11,522
22 – 11,546

Body & Paintwork

A real stunner!

As you would fully expect, from such a low mileage example & from our high standards, the car presents very well indeed.

Having just had three days professional machine polishing carried out, the paintwork really pops now, with a beautiful deep gloss finish.
All trims, badges & decals are original, as is all the undamaged glass & all the lights.

Wheels are the original items, in original finish having never been refurbished.

A truly iconic design, which still look striking even today, any showroom visitor we have had recently has fallen totally in love with this car.

Interior & Trim

Totally as Honda intended, zero changes and splendid condition.

Original floor mats are still in place, protecting the carpet which itself is without any damage.

The leather is soft & supple, having just been fully cleaned & conditioned.
All switch gear operates & presents exactly as it should do.

The steering wheel, gear knob, pedals & hand brake lever are all in great condition, as per the mileage would suggest.
A truly beautiful condition car inside & out.


The 3.0L V6 of the Honda NSX is not the usual ‘lazy’ feeling V6.
Whilst the NSX is happy enough at village speeds, it does truly comes to life once in the revsthanks to Honda’s VTEC variable valve timing system.
The NSX was only the second Honda vehicle to benefit from this technology, allowing the C30A engine to produce a high maximum power level while maintaining a relatively flat torque curve.

The C30A also made use of titanium connecting rods, which was another first in a mass-produced vehicle. The lightweight rods allow a higher RPM to be achieved while maintaining the strength of traditional steel rods & thus a redline of 8,000rpm is achieved!
Due to its complexity, cost & use of exotic materials, the C30A was used exclusively on Honda’s NSX car!

As can be seen from the pictures, just like every other aspect of the car, the engine compartment is in super original condition.

We have carried out a full service, including the all important cambelt change, so any buyer can rest assured that the car wants for nothing.

Running Gear

With the car having done such little mileage, the underside was in great order.
However we wanted to take the condition to the next level, so in our workshop we made use of our dry ice blasting machine & cleaned off the road grime/original wax which had made the underside look a little ‘dirty’

The result is absolutely beautiful, all arches, running gear, chassis has been cleaned, as the pictures show it looks magnificent especially considering this is an entirely original example.

On the road, the car drives brilliantly, all the stories of how well they drive are absolutely true!