1990 Suzuki GSXR 1100 L



Viewing by appointment only.

We are very pleased to present our, unregistered & unridden 1990 GSXR 1100 L.
A true once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire such an iconic superbike of the 90’s with true collector credentials.

Unridden example
1.1 push mile from new
Displayed in a dealership since new
Original paperwork
Un-used spare keys
Original warranty card
Totally original condition
All original paint & panels
Original Suzuki wheel weights & original tyres


The GSXR 1100 needs little introduction.

When first released in 1986 the GSXR 1100 took the world by storm, it became the weapon of choice for the 80’s.
1989 saw the GSXR 1100 evolve into the ‘Slingshot’ with the 1100K, which took the engine capacity from 1052cc to 1127cc, as well as gave a new stiffer frame design, new wheels, forks, swingarm & much more.

Known for brutishly fast in a straight line, but the new shorter & stiffer frame making it hard to handle. Indeed, it was banned from the Isle of Man TT Races after the death of one of the teams riders.

In 1990 Suzuki made various changes, such as a longer wheelbase & upside-down forks to help combat these handling issues.
The 1990 L model is arguably the best looking of the 1100’s & is fast becoming a sought after 90’s icon.

This example has spent its life within a dealership & was never registered or ridden, making it a one of a kind.

Body & Paintwork

All bodywork is original with original paint work.

This includes the wheels which are in original paint, still sporting the original Suzuki wheel weights & original tyres.
The screen is still the original & is in good order other than one small mark.

Mirrors are without any damage, the seats are superb, hugger, mudguard & grab rail are all without any marks.

A couple of bits of ‘patina’ in places (the bike is 32 years old) but this only adds to the character and story of this bike.
A truly special bike, in true collectors condition & mileage.

Interior & Trim

All trims/switchgears are in superb un-used condition.


The infamous 1127cc engine itself was soon the firm favourite for drag racers & the ‘Streetfighter’ scene which see’s bikes tuned & modified to almost unrecognisable levels. The reason for this was its serious power output & how well it lent itself to tuning for further power.

The 90’s saw the GSXR’s pretty much ‘take over’ the tuning scene.

The GSXR also lent itself to this scene as it has a very attractive cradle style frame & the engine also looked great which meant often the fairings were removed, frames polished, engines turbo charged and so on.

Because of the popularity of the GSXR as a base for a ‘Streetfighter’ & the fact they were an unforgiving animal which meant many ended up crashed, today an original & low mileage GSXR 1100 Slingshot is extremely hard to find.

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