1994 Ford Escort RS Cosworth Monte Carlo #084



If Ford ever made a car which could turn heads, this is it!
Everything about the Escort Cosworth grabs attention, the large bumpers and extended wheel arches, to the hugely recognizable bonnet vents and of course that ‘Whaletail’ Spoiler!

However, if the standard Escort Cosworth is not enough for you, the Monte Carlo edition certainly is!

The Monte Carlo edition was built to commemorate Fords success in the 1993-1994 Monte Carlo rallies, the Monte Carlo special edition even featured wheels just like those on the legendary WRC cars.
Only 200 ‘Montes’ were built for the world market.
Out of these only 70 were built in the right-hand-drive for the UK market.
The ‘Monte’ was available in only 3 colours – Ash Black, Mallard Green and ‘Jewel Violet’.

It is believed (but unconfirmed) that only 10 right-hand-drive models were built in “Jewel Violet” making it the rarest combination!
One of these ‘Jewel Violets’ has been written off so if the figures are correct, then that only leaves 9 of these left in the world!

This car has been treated as an appreciating asset from day one, and the condition of the car clearly shows this.
All the paintwork is original and looks like it has just rolled out of the factory.

This excellent example has only done 41,000 miles from new and has not been painted!

If you are looking for a flawless classic then this is it.
This truly is the RS500 of the Escorts….


The car comes with the brand new 18″ wheels fitted (Compomotive TH). These have just been purchased brand new, and have brand new Toyo Proxes T1R tyres fitted.
The wheels are almost an identical, 18″ version of the original 16″ O.Z Racing wheels, and these bring the car right up to date.
Also the original 16″ alloy wheels are included.



Monte Carlo Owner Record

1st Keeper (19th July 1994-5th Feb 1995) 7 Months
Ford Motor Company Limited

2nd Keeper (5th Feb 1995 – 24th Aug 2009) 14 years (Ford employee paid £19,183.00)
Mr Scott (Essex)

3rd Keeper (24th Aug 2009 – 17th April 2010) 7 Months
Mr Rollins (Norfolk)

4th Keeper (17th April 2010 – 18th Jan 2014) 4 years
Mr Bond (Norfolk)

Service record

1576 miles   – R.T.Rate Limited Essex – 26-08-94
9501 miles   –  R.T.Rate Limited Essex – 21-03-95
16959 miles – R.T.Rate Limited Essex – 24-04-96
22382 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 05-02-97
27108 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 23-02-98
28867 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 23-02-99
30293 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 10-03-00
31309 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 01-02-01
32519 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 02-02-02
33921 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 11-02-03
34830 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 08-04-04
35646 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 07-04-05
36354 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 27-04-06
37192 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 25-04-07
37765 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 02-05-08
37823 miles – Grove Garage Essex     – 25-04-09
40936 miles – Loddon MotorTec Ltd   – 29-01-14

Body & Paintwork

The paintwork on this car is absolutely fantastic and original.
All panels are original panels and the car has no ripples or dents, the paintwork gives a fantastic shine,
it really does look amazing in the sun!

All glass is in top condition, as are the lights and badges.

It is a fantastic car, it grabs attention, and people do come and talk to you about it, and compliment the condition without fail.


Interior & Trim

The interior of this car is in great condition, as you would expect from a car with such low owners & mileage.
Original mats are still present and the steering wheel is free from any visible wear.

Door cards and parcel shelf have not been cut, and the original cassette player/radio & cd player are still fitted.
The seats, a special Monte Carlo edition fitment, along with the special Monte Carlo edition gear-knob, and handbrake button are all present, along with the Monte Carlo number badge on the dashboard.

All gauges/dials illuminate as they should, and all switches operate correctly.


Being the ‘Big Turbo’ engine, the car was produced with a very reasonable 227bhp from the factory,
and this example has not been modified.

The car benefits from having had a full service in January 2014 @ 40,936 miles, including replacement cambelt, genuine spark plugs, oil & oil filter, fuel filter and a full health check.
The car pulls strongly through all gears, with no smoke, either on start up, on boost, or on over-run.

Unlike many other Escort Cosworths, this particular car is very quiet even when first started cold.
The gearbox is nice and tight, and engages all gears smoothly as it should do.

Running Gear

As you would expect from a rally homologation car, using independent suspension all-round and
four-wheel drive with 34/66 split front/rear, the car handles superbly!

A twisty road is where this car comes to life and is most at home.

The only modification to this Cosworth is a 330mm AP Racing Big brake conversion, which is a fantastic choice of upgrade and compliments the capabilities of the car superbly.
All round, this car drives fantastic, and will not fail to make you smile!

The car sits on brand new 18″ wheels (Compomotive TH). These have just been purchased brand new, and have brand new Toyo Proxes T1R tyres fitted.
The wheels are almost an identical, 18″ version of the original 16″ O.Z Racing wheels, and these bring the car right up to date.