1980 Ford Escort Harrier



We are pleased to offer this beautiful, and very sought after Ford Escort Harrier in Stato Silver.

Original booklets
Original Ziebart certificate
Original brochure
2x keys
64,043 miles
Superb condition interior
Known on the Harrier Register
1/500 produced in Strato Silver

Now a very rare sight, this MK2 Escort Harrier is in great condition.
Many restored vehicles can start to show signs of poor repairs after only a matter of months, so where as a freshly restored car may be appealing, this example still looks superb some 10 years after the restoration, and with picture evidence, it is clear this was a great car to start with and has been restored to a very high standard.


This vehicle was subject to a full professional restoration, with a picture file within the history to show that this was a good example to begin with, and of course that all the work carried out was to a high standard, meaning a car which will give longevity.

Also within the history file are all the original booklets, an original brochure and two sets of original keys.

As you would fully expect, the file contains a multitude of invoices for items purchased over the years, plus parts purchased for and during the restoration process.
Lots of old MOT’s are present, and of course some early servicing stamps and receipts.

Body & Paintwork

Having undergone a full bare metal repaint over 10 years ago, this example still presents extremely well as you would expect.
Since the restoration was completed, the vehicle has resided with enthusiast owners and had very little usage, other than the odd sunny day drive.

As can be seen from the pictures, the Harrier decals are all in great condition, as are all badges, lights, and importantly all glass.
The wheels are in unmarked condition, with matching tyres all around.

Original dealer sticker is present within the rear window and also dealer plates are fitted.

All trims and bumpers are in great condition, this Harrier really does present very well and should be viewed to be fully appreciated.

Interior & Trim

Open the door and step right back in time…….the original all black Recaro seats with ‘fishnet’ head restraints still look superb, with none of the usual ‘baggy’ material, and firm bolsters all around.
Of course the rear seat looks just as good, with very little usage over the years.

The original deep pile carpet still looks great, with no rips or holes.
The headlining and all doorcards are correct and in great condition.

Also the original steering wheel, gear knob and push button stereo all present very well, with the stereo operating just as it should do.
All switch gear operates as Ford intended, whilst sill looking great of course and the heaters work on both speed settings.

A great example of an unmolested Harrier interior, and a great place to be.


Having benefited from a full engine rebuild as part of the restoration (receipts present) you can rest assured, this car drives as well as it looks.
Various receipts are present for engine parts, plus the usual gaskets and seals of course.

Turn the key, you will find no hesitations in starting, and once started, a lovely quiet engine with no smoking.
On the road, the car drives superb, and the performance is ample even today, with clean acceleration through the rev range.

Still sporting the original 4 speed gearbox, which operates just as it should do, this Harrier still feels nice and tight when driven.

The engine bay itself presents very nicely, and would be at home at any car show, or indeed, as part of any collection.

Running Gear

As with the rest of the car, all running gear is in great order, and it drives fantastically.

The suspension is all original other than upgraded shock absorbers which helps bring the handling a little more up to date without lowering the original ride height or causing the car to become too ‘stiff’.
Braking is positive, and they slow the car safely in a straight line.

The original 4 speed gearbox is still fitted and operates just as it should do.

An absolute pleasure to drive, and a step straight back in time.