1986 Ford Escort Gartrac G6



Here we present a very rare opportunity indeed.

This is one of the 30 (approx) Gartrac G6 models produced.
The Gartrac G6 was a road going car, following the rallying sucess of the Gartrac G3 & G4.

Utilizing the Ford 2.8L V6, Gartrac created this wide arch, rear wheel drive MK3 Escort, the craftsmanship is simply fantastic.

One of only 30 cars believed to be produced by Gartrac.
Genuine warranted mileage of 37,500 miles.
All original paperwork present.
Incredible history file.
Spare keys present.
One Previous owner (1986 – 2010)
Beautiful condition throughout.
Superb interior condition.
Power Engineering 3.7L ultimax conversion.
Ready for show season.
Fantastic investment opportunity.
Magazine featured.

This car really must be seen (and heard) to appreciate it fully!


During the mid 1980’s, Gartrac decided to produce a hand full of road cars, off the back of the success of the G3 & G4.

Approximately 30 Gartrac G6’s were produced, many of which were eventually turned in to Rally cars.
This makes this a very rare car indeed, and quite possibly the best remaining example.
When released, the G6 was often referred to as the MK3 Escort, Ford should of made.

Within the incredible history file is all the original paperwork, dating back to Gartrac purchasing the shell from Ford even!
Alongside that are a huge amount of invoices, detailing part number of each part used within the build by Gartrac themselves, original literature, and various invoices through the years, including the details of the Power Engineering 3.7L upgrade.

Also present within the history file are 23 MOT’s certificates, dating back to 1986, along with various Sorn declarations also.
With the same owner from new, until 2010 (24 years), and only one owner since, this car has been cherished.

Included within the paperwork is an inspection report, stating that – ‘The vehicle has undoubtedly been carefully, conscientiously, and very skilfully built’.

Body & Paintwork

Alongside chassis changes, converting the MK3 to RWD, the exterior also went through some changes.

Steel wide arches were fabricated, and help give the Gartrac G6 a very purposeful and aggressive stance, even today the G6 demands respect, and draws a huge amount of attention wherever it travels.
The work has been carried out extremely well, as you would expect from Gartrac, with its outstanding reputation for fabrication, and motorsport success.

Finished in Sunburst red, the car maintains its identity as a MK3 Ford Escort, and looks superb all these years later.
It is clear that this example has led a cherished life, and has been stored well when not in use.

All lights are in fantastic order, as is all the glass, and trimmings.

This car is ready to hit the shows throughout the year, and draw in the crowds.

Interior & Trim

Inside, it is much as you would expect of a show ready MK3 escort.

The XR3i interior is in simply superb condition, demonstrating a much loved life and low mileage.
The rear seats and door cards in particular still maintain the original pattern, and look unused.

Everything works just as it should do, including the clock with no missing pixels.
Again the dashboard is without any of the usual cracks, and this interior on a whole presents very well indeed.


Fitted with the 2.8L V6 as found in the Capri of the same era.

The engine has been pampered, and has also benefited from a Power Engineering 3.7L ultimax conversion.
All receipts are present for these works, along with a dyno sheet from the same time, showing a power of 213bhp and 245lb ft of torque.

As you would expect, the car sounds absolutely fantastic, and certainly confuses people when they see it on the road.

An absolute blast to drive, this car is all about putting a smile on your face, and it certainly does do that!

Masses of history within the file, for everything ever done, including all services and works.

Running Gear

With such little mileage, and having been cherished throughout its life, being used mainly for shows across the UK, this example is in very good order throughout, including all running gear.

With 4 pot front brakes, and wide wheels, the car stops as well as it looks and goes.
Utilizing Capri running gear, and world renowned fabrication by Gartrac, the engineering is simply fantastic.

Everything is a pleasure to use, with a nice crisp gear change, and a nice useable clutch, this car is fabulous to drive.