1996 Ford Escort Cosworth



Welcome to our truly stunning, 6000mile Escort Cosworth.

Its not very often an opportunity comes along to purchase a ‘as new’ Escort Cosworth, but here we have one of the best original examples remaining.
Previously part of the world renowned ‘Bonkers Collection’, this car is in exceptional condition throughout.

Full Ford service history
Full MOT History
Original purchase invoice
One previous owner
Fully original paintwork
Original tyres
Unmarked wheels
Unmarked Raven leather
2 x sets of keys plus master key
All original booklets

A truly stunning example.


Purchased new by Mr Chong in 1996, this vehicle was kept in underground storage, away from UV lights and used very very little indeed.
Full service backs up that this car was used only a handful of times per year, and was well maintained throughout its life.

The car was taken off the road in 2003 with¬†5465 miles showing, and was put into storage at ‘Central Car Storage Limited’ until 18th April 2012.
The car then received a full service ready to be used for shows once again.

Since this time the car has covered less than 1000 miles attending various car shows.

Service history as per below:
18.07.96 – 990 miles
12.07.97 – 1400 miles
22.07.98 – 2026 miles
23.03.99 – 2500 miles
06.05.00 – 4080 miles
24.05.01 – 4786 miles
19.03.12 – 5467 miles
20.06.13 – 5694 miles
20.06.14 – 6058 miles
08.06.15 – 6229 miles

Body & Paintwork

As you would expect from a car with such low mileage, the bodywork is in superb condition.
All paintwork is original, and unmarked.

The original front splitter is unmarked, we cannot even see any evidence of a touch up on the front of the car.

Of course, having been kept dry its entire life, the car has zero corrosion showing anywhere, and the bodywork is dent free.

Even the underside of the car is simply superb.
The wheels are also in original paint and are unmarked, still sporting the original tyres.

Interior & Trim

Beautiful Raven leather in outstanding condition, the rear seats are unused and simply as new.

Both front seats are in stunning order, with very little use from new, and a seat cover fitted on the drivers seat to ensure it stays this way.
All carpets are again as new, all switchgear is unmarked and working perfectly.

The only real criticism is that the gear lever surround/gaiter is cracked but this this does not detract from the car at all.


Starts first turn of the key and is whisper quiet.

No smoking, no tapping, completely smooth and as Ford intended.
The engine pulls cleanly through the rev range, with no fuss at all.

As you can see from the pictures, the engine bay, and engine are extremely clean, again with zero corrosion showing anywhere.

All brake lines are like new, as well as power steering and air con pipes.
A totally original immaculate bay.

Running Gear

Of course, all running gear is as it should be, in great order.
Brake calipers are without any corrosion, as are the brake disc centres.

The car drives very well indeed, no knocks, still nice and tight with good performance.

The underside of the car is also immaculate, still showing the original Ford stickers on the exhaust silencers, and correct markings on all underside components.