1974 Daytona Yellow Ford Capri GT Mk1



This is a truly stunning example of a GT with only 90,000 miles (2,250 a year) on the clock and a complete history detailed in the extensive paperwork supplied with the car.

Anyone who knows these cars, will know why I am reluctant to sell.

The car originally cost me £6,000 and the perfect paint job cost over £4,000.

Please call us if you’d like to know more or see further pictures (we have over 150 high resolution images).


Purchased from H.M. Bentley & Partners limited (Berkley Square, London) on 13th February 1974 by Mr Norman Martinelli, an Italian gentleman living in Rosebery Avenue, London EC1. He paid the grand sum of £1,529.84, which included the radiomobile radio with retractable aerial, foldable door mirrors and Ziebart protection coating at an extra £42.00.

Mr Martinelli, was an extremely fastidious gentleman, not only did he keep this little gem for over 30 years, he also kept every single document from the original sales invoice & full service history until he sold the car. There are over 250 invoices in four large binders that record every detail, such as the cost of the Webasto sunroof fitted on 2nd April 1974 and the extra door mirror fitted for continental driving on 9th July 1974.

The second owner had the car for 10 years, during which he fitted the current 2.0 Pinto engine (that looks almost exactly the same as the original) and a five speed gearbox. I have contemplated returning the car to its original factory build, installing the correct 1600 cc motor and four speed gearbox. However, having driven the car, I have come to terms with the upgrades and consider them to be worthy improvements.

Body & Paintwork

This car has never been welded. There is no rust … it has never been out in the rain! When I purchased the car in the summer, I was amazed at the incredible condition of the bodywork. After 40 years, there was hardly a chip in the paintwork and not a spot of corrosion to be found.

Unfortunately, Mr Martinelli had added a few scrapes to the paintwork on the sides of the car when dragging a bin through his garage. The damage had been touched-in, but the imperfection let down the immaculate appearance of the rest of the car. After taking some advice on how best to rectify the damage, I decided to give her a 40th Birthday present and arranged a top quality paint job by one of Norfolk’s premier paint and bodywork specialists costing over £4,000. The Body Centre Norwich knew I was somewhat of a perfectionist and the project took over 12 weeks to complete, but the car just deserved to have the very best treatment. Some believe it’s the best paint job they have ever seen. I have a full record of the refurbishment which will be supplied with the car.

Interior & Trim

The chrome work and interior are completely original and amazing for the age of the car, proving further just how well cared for this car has been. There is hardly any visible wear to the driver’s seat bolster (has had a minor repair to a split caused by a screw driver in my pocket), the head lining is perfect as is the Webasto sliding roof. I believe the only person to have sat in the back seats is my daughter, when we collected the car.

Both sets of original Ford keys, all locks work well. We have fitted new wheels and tyres and the original wheels will be supplied with the car.



Running Gear