Focus RS 500 – Full Underside Refresh.


Here is an example of a Mk2 Focus RS500 which had been used regularly.

One of our customers purchased the vehicle, and sent it to us for ‘the works’.

We set about removing the running gear, all of which seemed to have been brush painted to cover up the usual and inevitable surface corrosion that these cars suffer with.

Once all running gear was off the car, we cleaned the chassis down which was in good order, followed by a cavity waxing of all box sections, plus the application of a clear protection wax to the chassis, floorpans and inner arches.

All running gear was stripped of bushes, everything was powder coated and new bushes fitted.

All fixtures and fittings were re-plated, and done to replicate the original factory finish, rather than fitting items that did not replicate how the car came from factory. As well as this we fitted replica decals to the running gear.

We also had all four wheels refurbished, all calipers painted, all gloss black trims painted, carried out a cambelt service and replaced the rear crank main seal.

Once completed, the car looked superb and drove just as well as it looked.


Body & Paintwork

Interior & Trim


Running Gear