1990 Fiesta RS Turbo



Many more high resolution pictures available.

A true rarity now, an original, one previous owner, low mileage, Fiesta RS Turbo.

One previous owner from new. (Original owner 1990 – 2015)
23,600 genuine miles.
Totally Original.
Good history and MOT history.
Underside is in superb order.
Dealer rear window sticker.
Dealer number plates.
Dealer tax disc holder.

This is a very rare chance to secure, what must be one of the very best original examples left in the UK.
So often these little pocket rockets had large modifications carried out, or were crashed or even stolen and burnt out, making cars like this almost impossible to find.
A true Ford RS investment, with values set to rise dramatically over the coming months/years.


A fantastic history file accompanies this vehicle as you would expect.

A multitude of old MOT’s warrant the extremely low mileage.
A pile of invoices also show that the car was truly cherished by its only owner, with everything from service bills to a receipt for a bulb.
Original literature on the Fiesta RS Turbo is also present, along with all original handbooks, including the service booklet of course.

The original binder for the booklets is present, along with letters from the supplying dealer with information on the RS Turbo, and also letters to the only owner thanking him for his valued custom.

Body & Paintwork

The original bodywork is in very good order indeed, as can be seen from the pictures.

No corrosion on the car at all (anywhere), not even a tiny bubble, demonstrating that the car has only ever seen dry conditions, and it has in fact been garaged its entire life.
The paintwork is still in great condition, with a great shine throughout.

The car looks truly stunning, and receives many compliments when out on the road.
All glass is scratch free, badges are all original and as they came from factory.

Only a few small touch ups on the bonnet are present, and these do not detract from the fantastic original condition of this car.
These cars do not appear on the market in this condition very often at all, dare we say this is a un-repeatable car.

Interior & Trim

The interior in this car is simply fantastic in terms of condition.

Original seats, which are extremely comfortable still retain the full original shape, with no deterioration to the bolsters at all.
Original steering wheel is without any marks or damage, and looks fantastic, especially with the little ‘Turbo’ logo in the centre, it reminds you that you are driving something a little bit special.

Dashboard is again, as new, with no damage, no holes from old telephones or anything nasty at all.

The gearknob is very good, with only a couple of very very small wear marks although they cannot be seen unless really looking for them & this is being extremely fussy.
Original floor mats are still fitted, along with tax disc holder also.

A fantastic place to be.


Of course, this car runs superbly well.

Starts with the first turn of the key, and idle remains perfectly smooth even when stone cold.
An absolute pleasure to drive, and still a nippy car even by todays standards.

No unwanted noises from the engine or gearbox, in fact it runs extremely quietly.

No smoking, either on start up, on boost or on overrun, it drives exactly as Ford intended.
The engine bay is extremely presentable, and again, totally standard without any modifications or anything having ever been painted, it is exactly as it came from the factory.

Running Gear

As can be seen in the underside pictures, this car is in fantastic order underneath, and this includes all running gear.
Original suspension is without fault, and still retains the original stickers and marking on the suspension legs and rear shock absorbers/springs.

Brakes work just as they should do, and the car rides/drives exactly as it should do.
A very fun car to drive and surprisingly agile, it certainly puts a grin on your face.