2016 Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversario



Viewing by appointment only.

Here we are very happy to offer for sale, this stunning Ducati 1299 Panigale S Anniversario which is totally unused, still attached to the original crate base.
Produced to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Ducati, the Anniversario was limited to only 500 qty examples produced & was a special bike right from the off.

Number 343 of 500
Still on crate base from new
All protection films still in place
Zero previous owners (bike is UK registered)
Unused original keys
Original Road & Race kit Parts including the titanium Akrapovic exhaust all still in original boxes
Unmarked condition
A true collectors piece

A very rare opportunity to buy an Anniversario with zero miles, and in this totally untouched condition with all parts/accessories still in the original boxes.


In 2016, to celebrate 90 years of the brand, they launched the 1299 Panigale S Anniversario, a limited-edition bike graced with the best equipment & components available.
With only 500 examples worldwide, it was rare too. In fact it is believed that only 35 bikes came to the UK!

This example has all original parts with the bike, so be it the road trim parts or the race kit parts, they are with the bike but still in the original boxes having never been fitted to the bike.

The changes/upgrades to the Anniversario were much more than a race bike inspired paint job.
Being lighter, more powerful & more agile than a standard Panigale S thanks to the change in geometry, the Anniversario was hot property from the moment it was announced.
It was also the first Ducati to get their EVO update to Traction Control & Wheelie Control, as well as being the first Ducati to get Slide Control.

Now to find an example such as this, is very rare and totally collectors grade.

Body & Paintwork

The Anniversario paint scheme instantly stands the bike out from the crowd, being based on the race bikes with white, black & Ducati Red fairings complemented by gold-toned magnesium alloy cylinder head covers, oil pan & clutch cover & of course the gorgeous forged Marchesini wheels.
Along with some helpings of carbon fibre of course.

This example is totally as you would expect of a bike which has never been used, unmarked & as brand new with all protection films still in place.
Wheels are of course unmarked, in fact the whole bike is unmarked.

A beautiful example of a very special bike.

The crate base itself is showing signs of aging as they were never meant for display they only have very poor paint applied.
Our suggestion would be that the crate base be powder coated to freshen it up – we are happy to arrange this for a small fee. Please discuss with us should you so wish.

Interior & Trim

All trims/switchgears are in new un-used condition.


The Panigale S itself was a force to be reckoned with, but with the Anniversario things got turned up to 11.
Not only is the Anniversario lighter, but it is also more powerful thanks to the thunderous 1285cc V Twin now producing around 205 bhp!

To help keep this power in check the Anniversario was the first Ducati to get their EVO update to Traction Control & Wheelie Control, as well as being the first Ducati to get Slide Control.

This example remains unridden, a true piece of art or indeed a brand new bike for somebody to choose to commission & enjoy.
However we suspect this is the perfect addition for a serious collector to keep a piece of Ducati history in new condition.

Running Gear

The Anniversario came with a race kit, which was billet aluminium mirror block off plates, license plate holder plate & a gold Akrapovic titanium exhaust.

On top of this, the bike also came equipped with Ohlins suspension, Brembo brakes, forged Marchesini wheels, various carbon fibre parts plus more…
This bike is new throughout so condition is as you would fully expect – new.