1986 One owner Capri 1.6 Laser



A one owner, Ford Capri 1.6 Laser!

Dry stored for the last 15 years!
Full service history, (90% Ford, and 10% Ford specialist) up until the day it was dry stored.

Original bill of sale.
Original dealer (Bussey’s) number plates, tax disc holder and rear window sticker, all still present.

Original car, still with original cassette player.

Must be one of the most original, and best Capri Laser’s left in the UK!


Bought new from Bussey’s in Norwich, by Mr Gladden-Fenn and his then, Fiancé.

All original invoice and PDI paperwork is present, including the receipt for Mr Gladden-Fenn’s Ford Capri which he traded in, against this 1.6 Laser model on the 21st of August 1986.
The car was enjoyed by Mr Gladden-Fenn and his Fiancé for a number of years (they even drove the car to Gretna Green and married).

Sadly in 1998 Mr Gladden-Fenn passed away suddenly, leaving his wife (Mrs Gladden-Fenn) on her own.
The car was transferred into her name by the DVLA in 2005, and a letter from the DVLA is present in the extensive history file, confirming this.

Since 1998, the car has been kept covered in Mrs Gladden-Fenn’s garage, and started once in a while.
The car has been kept away from the elements, perfectly dry and without damp.

The car comes with a comprehensive history file, including full service history until the day it was dry stored, and MOT history to substantiate the very low mileage.
The original dealer (Bussey’s) number plates, tax disc holder and rear window sticker, are all still present.

MOT records show-

1990 – 22,798 miles
1991 – 28,021 miles
1993 – 34,639 miles
1994 – 36,547 miles
1996 – 38,756 miles
1997 – 39,413 miles
1998 – 40,233 miles

Service book shows service at the below intervals-

1986 – 854 miles
1987 – 4,117 miles
1987 – 8,393 miles
1988 – 13,550 miles
1989 – 18,030 miles
1990 – 22,380 miles
1991 – 27,331 miles
1992 – 31,688 miles
1993 – 34,639 miles
1994 – 36,195 miles
1995 – 38,100 miles
1996 – 38,756 miles
1997 – 39,413 miles

Receipts for the above service history, and MOT’s, are present, along with many sorn declaration confirmation receipts, and original handbooks.

Since acquiring the car, we have recommissioned the car, fitting various new service items, including new front brake caliper’s, & cambelt, all of which we of course have a receipt for, and the car will come with 12 months MOT.
A very nice car, with very nice history.

Body & Paintwork

This Capri is in fantastic shape, the bodywork is better than most 3-4 year old cars!

The bodywork is showing no signs of any rust, not even any early signs in fact.
All panels are original ford panels, with no welding ever taking place on the car anywhere (and it does not need any).

The body has no dents or dings, it really is in great condition and gives a great shine.
A few very tiny marks/stonechips, but these are extremely minor and do not detract from this fantastic example!
We truly believe that you would be extremely hard pushed to find an unrestored example in such good condition.

All trims and badges are in very good condition, as is the glass, which is of course all original with the registration etched.

We inspected the underside of the car, along with our local Ford trained mechanic and we can confirm that the underside is in fantastic shape, and the Ford trained mechanic was very impressed.
The underside has now been fully cleaned, and undersealed professionally to ensure that the underside stays in the best condition possible.

Inner wings have some very slight corrosion spots, but these are minor and can be seen in the detailed pictures.
Other than that, it ‘s extremely difficult to pick fault with this Capri.

Interior & Trim

The interior of this car is immaculate, or you could even say, as new!

Original Ford mats are of course still in place, all doorcards and trims are without damage.
The headlining is tight, with no damage, looks exactly as it should do.
Original stereo is still in place, and works just as it should do – including the power aerial.

The seats had covers fitted on them (including the rears) from brand new, and the seats were never revealed again until now! (we actually had to cut the covers off)!

All the carpets are still nice and ‘thick’, without any stains or rips.

Boot carpet is very nice, as is the original undamaged parcel shelf, and the dashboard.
You could say a faultless interior!


The engine runs very well indeed, starts first turn of the key with no hesitation.
The engine is quiet, and smooth, just as you would expect with such low mileage.

We have given the car a major service to recommission the car after its long term dry storage, this includes Cambelt, Carb Tune, Battery, oil & oil filter, new rear brake cylinders, new front brake caliper’s, plus much more.
The gearbox makes no whining noises, and the gearbox engages all gears without issue, feeling nice and tight.

An absolute pleasure to drive, a true timewarp car which takes you straight back to the 80’s in the best possible way.

The Capri has just had the following recommissioning works carried out:

New front brake calipers & brake pads
New rear wheel cylinders
New thermostat housing
Oil & oil filter change
New Cambelt
Carb tune
New Gearbox oil
New coolant

Running Gear

The car drives perfectly, brakes and steering are exactly as they should be, without fault and as Ford intended.
All tyres have good tread, and the wheels are in great condition with only some very minor imperfections (that is being very fussy).

All suspension bushes have been checked as part of the major service, rear brake cylinders have been replaced, along with brand new front brake calipers and brake pads.
This car is sure to have plenty of admiring comments and looks on your travels.