1985 BMW M635CSi



One of only 524 RHD UK M6 cars produced, and one of only 87 registered in the UK – Very rare car, especially in this condition!

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A truly stunning car, never welded, zero bodywork repairs, very original car and in great condition with only 51,000 miles from new and 2 previous owners.
The best colour combination, Alpine white with black leather interior, in great condition.

Been garaged its entire life, even the seal around the sunroof still looks like new!

2 sets of keys.
Fully stamped service book.
Original wheels.
Factory paint.
Perfect lights.
Perfect chrome.
Unmarked original glass.
Excellent interior.
Unmarked boot.
Complete tool kit.
Original Torch & First aid kit.
Zero modifications.
A truly gorgeous car!


This original UK supplied BMW M635 CSi has covered just 51,000 miles from new with a total of two previous owners.

The car was first registered on the 19th October 1985 and purchased by the first owner from H.E. Averill and sons in Norwich.
After 18 months the car was sold to L M T garages in Cardiff, where it was purchased by the second keeper who owned the car for over 27 years.
He had it serviced with LMT Newport every year right up until 2004. Following 2004 it was serviced and looked after by a local specialist.

Having covered less than 4,000 miles in the last ten years, this M635 CSi comes with the original service booklet which has many stamps, as detailed below.
Original owners handbook is also present, along with some old MOT’s.

Service records:

Pre delivery inspection
07/05/86 –    1,224 miles – Running-in inspection
20/03/87 –    5,102 miles
15/08/86 –    7,921 miles
02/11/87 –    8,211 miles
06/05/88 –    12,132 miles
07/10/88 –    13,238 miles
26/06/89 –    19,726 miles
19/03/90 –    27,140 miles
12/06/90 –    30,078 miles
21/01/91 –    35,947 miles
03/07/91 –    40,812 miles
22/05/92 –    41,604 miles
23/02/93 –    41,898 miles
25/04/95 –    42,694 miles
03/05/97 –    44,424 miles
03/05/01 –    46,359 miles
05/07/04 –    47,247 miles
11/05/11 –    49,661 miles
20/05/13 –    49,893 miles



Body & Paintwork

The original bodywork is in fantastic condition.

This car has never been restored, it has no corrosion or damage, no dents, no shopping trolley marks, it is in superb condition throughout.
Paintwork gives a great shine, with only a couple of very small chips to the front of the vehicle as you would expect – and this is being very fussy.

No signs of any bodywork repairs, all paint appears to be original, and in great order!

All glass is in great order, with no damage, badges and lights are great, no cracks or moisture within any light lamps at all.
Door seals and the boot seal are as they should be, and create a quiet cabin when driving, as they should.

The optional extra, headlight washers are all present, and fully functional.
Original matching BMW mudflaps are still fitted, and are in good condition.

All chrome work is in great condition, door handles, bumpers, window trims, exhaust tips all shine as they should do.

Pinstripes are all present, and line up perfectly, all of which appear to be original.

No welding has ever been carried out on the car, and it does not need any welding either – the underside is in very good condition.

This car has been very well looked after indeed, and it is clear to see that the car has been kept garaged from new, away from any bad weather.

Interior & Trim

The interior of this car is fantastic, 80’s German build quality at its best.

The optional (from new) black leather still looks fantastic, and is in great condition with no rips or tears, and very little wear, which is rare – if you research you will see that the leather on many examples is very badly worn indeed.
Headlining is perfect, with no sagging, rips or damage.

The original mats cover the original carpets which are in good condition with no stains.

All check lights work as they should do, and all instrumentation works correctly – this includes the manual check list lighting.

All 4 electric windows work correctly, with no slow or clicking motors which is also a common problem
Electric sunroof is fully operational, as are all the heater controls, including the optional extra from new, Air Conditioning.

The original Blaupunkt stereo is still fitted, and has never been removed.

The flip down toolkit in the boot is complete, the original BMW torch which plugs into the passenger glovebox is also still present, along with the original first aid kit!
Also the original BBS centre cap removing tool is present and in great condition!

It is also worth noting that the boot itself is immaculate.


Fitted with the M88 Engine, which is an evolution of the engine used in the BMW M1 Mid engine supercar.
Sporting 286bhp and 251 lb/ft, the M635 was a very capable,comfortable, grand tourer, with nothing to match it at the time.

Having been regularly serviced, and generally very well looked after, this particular car drives beautifully.
The engine is quiet, even from cold, and has no unwanted noises, or leaks.

This car pulls nicely, and cruises exactly as you would expect.
The clutch feels perfect, and the Getrag 280 gearbox does not whine, nor have any problems changing gear, also the Limited Slip Diff does not whine either, and the propshaft makes zero noise!…. Smooth, just as it should be.

An absolute pleasure to drive.

Running Gear

As expected with a car of such low mileage, and with such service history, this car drives exactly as it should do.

Brakes are very good, unlike many 80’s cars, you don’t brake and hope… you brake with confidence, also no ‘wheel wobble’ under braking.
The steering has an excellent weight to it, giving great feedback when cornering, this car is a real treat to drive.