1973 Avenger Tiger



An original Hillman Avenger Tiger, in Wardance Red.

One of our good customers has long wanted a Hillman Avenger Tiger, in fact we have viewed a Sundance Yellow example on his behalf.
However, having not been able to find the ‘right’ car, hope was all but lost.

We secured this Wardance Red example, a genuine car, with a lovely condition interior and sound running gear.
The cosmetics were acceptable but not what we would call fantastic.

We spoke with our customer knowing he was in the market for a nice example of a Hillman Avenger Tiger, and after viewing it was agreed that we would arrange a full colour change to Sundance Yellow.
As with any of our cars which undergo paintwork, it was handed to ‘The Bodycentre Ltd’, knowing that the result will be second to none.



Body & Paintwork

Interior & Trim


Running Gear