1994 Audi Coupe 2.0E



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This Audi Coupe in stunning Aqua Metallic is not a typical Appreciating Classics vehicle, however, the condition is simply fantastic throughout so we just had to….

This car looks only 2/3 years old, and looks like a 9,000 mile car inside & out!

Fabulous all round condition with full service history (mainly Audi), and it is very obvious to all, that this car has been truly cherished throughout its 20 year life.
A really nice example, and a very useable modern classic with the reliability and comfort of modern motoring.


Only 3 former keepers from new, with an excellent service history as per below.

01/10/94 – Delivery Inspection
31/10/95 – 9,248 miles
29/11/96 – 18,878 miles
14/10/97 – 24,356 miles
30/10/98 – 33,442 miles
28/10/99 – 40,830 miles
25/10/00 – 47,970 miles
22/10/02 – 59,257 miles
20/10/03 – 64,383 miles
11/10/04 – 68,545 miles
10/10/05 – 70,850 miles
11/10/06 – 73,340 miles – Cambelt
18/10/07 – 74,680 miles
13/10/09 – 80,854 miles
07/09/12 – 89,839 miles – Cambelt

It is clear that this car has been very well looked after throughout its life.


Body & Paintwork

The bodywork on this vehicle is simply astonishing.

We believe the front bumper must of been repainted at some point in its life, as the car has only a few tiny stonechips.
The bonnet is stonechip free, no dents on the car, no scratches and no corrosion.

The colour is fantastic, and still gives a fantastic shine and depth.

All original manufacturers stickers/labels are in place as they should be.
If this car has had any paintwork, it is of a very high standard as all panels match both in colour and finish.

A couple of very small dents, and one dent to the lower rear quarter on the passenger side do not detract from this superb car.


Interior & Trim

Again, the interior is in remarkable, un-worn condition throughout.

The seats are fantastic, with no signs of any bolster wear, or ‘softening’ of the foam.
If you were to look at the seats yourself, you would almost think they had never been sat in.

Everything works as it should do, illumination is all correct and bright.
Original Sony stereo is still fitted.

All carpets are without damage or stains, and the original floor mats are still present and in fantastic condition.



As you would expect, this cars runs beautifully.

Starts perfectly every time, from cold.
The car does not smoke, the engine is very quiet, smooth and pulls as it should throughout the rev range.

As shown by the service history, the car has been very well looked after, and this shows, not only in the outstanding condition of the car, but also by the way the car runs and drives.

Gearbox is again, without fault, changes gears smoothly and with any issues at all.

An absolute pleasure to drive.

Running Gear

As per the rest of the vehicle, the running is all in superb order.

Brakes are very effective, and the car slows in a perfectly straight line as it should.
Suspension is smooth, and without any knocking…makes for a brilliant drive.

Wheels are is superb original condition, with just one wheel having a small kerbing mark, still a great looking wheel, all tyres have a large amount of tread remaining.

A great useable modern day classic.