1988 Concours ‘New’ Ford Fiesta Festival



One for the Collector!!
Been on display in Ford dealership for the last 15 years (Pertwee & Back, Great Yarmouth)

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This will be your only chance to buy a ‘brand new’ (26 year old) car, and not loose money on it!
This car is in original concours condition, with only 6000miles from new!

The word concours, is often over used, we think its because people don’t really understand the term, to be a concours vehicle it will need to be in the same condition it was when it originally came off the production line.

This has got to be a ‘one-off’, we have not seen a car this old, which looks this new, and still be 100% original.
The car has attended one local car show, and as you would expect, it took top prize! (previous owner has kept the trophy).


Miss Mayes of Caister, Norfolk, ordered this little special edition Ford Fiesta Festival from the local main Ford dealers (Pertwee & Back of Great Yarmouth) on 25th of March 1988
She requested the type of Cassette player and mud flaps – Shown on the original purchase invoice which is present with the paperwork.

During her 10 years of ownership, she travelled a total of 5000 miles only on sunny days, and kept the car in a heated garage. Whilst in her ownership, she never made even the slightest mark on the car.

Apparently Miss Mayes called the supplying dealership almost yearly to ask if they would buy the car back, they obviously said they would, and she would reply… “Well lets see how we get on”.
Eventually after 10 years, it went back to the supplying dealership and Miss Mayes never drove again.

The dealership could not believe the condition of the car, it was so perfect that they put in it the showroom, alongside a perfect low mileage Capri 280 and a 1500 mile Ford Anglia, and this is where it stayed for 15 years!
Yes….. in a nice warm showroom at an official Ford dealership, in fact it sat here for so long, the salesman got fed up with looking at it, and it was sold.

All paperwork has remained with the car, along with the spare key (still with its code attached).
The car has a specially made cover which will be included in the sale.

An original Pertwee & Back Ltd tax disc holder & keyring are also present.
All receipts, MOT’s, and all original booklets are with the car, even the little Ford operating guide for the ‘premium sound system’ is present which would of hung from the volume knob when new.

Body & Paintwork

The body work on this car, is 100% original, and concourse.

No dents, scratches, bubbling, or corrosion anywhere on this car.
All panels are of course original, the bumper end caps do not have any markings on them (still as new).
Inside the boot and under the bonnet are also as new, with no signs of any corrosion.
The car has not even had a touch up brush go near it!!

The underside of the car is absolutely fantastic, with no corrosion to the body, its quite amazing when viewing the car on a ramp.

This has got to be the best, original condition MK2 Fiesta left in existence!


Interior & Trim

The interior is again, as new!

The inside of the car still smells new, all plastics and trims are unmarked.
All switches, and stalks operate as they should do, still feeling tight and new.

All dashboard illumination is correct and working.
Carpets and headlining, are again, as new condition.


The engine runs extremely well, essentially with this mileage, the engine and gearbox and only just ‘run in’.

As such, the engine runs quietly, starts perfectly, (both when hot & cold).
The car pulls nicely, and is a absolute pleasure to drive.
The gearbox is nice and ‘tight’, changes gear perfectly, and does not whine at all.

Running Gear

The tyres have been changed (due to age).
The brakes work as they should, with a good pedal feel.

The steering is tight, and precise.
The suspension has no knocks or clunks, and shows no signs of anywhere (as expected of a car with this mileage).