1979 Ford Capri 3.0S




My Personal car: 1979 Signal Yellow Ford Capri 3.0S

When I was 17 just weeks after passing my driving test, I was asked to do a delivery for the company I was working for, I reluctantly agreed and expected the company van keys to be passed to me.
To my shock I was given the keys to the sales managers Ford Capri!!

Just imagine how I felt in 1984, being only 17 and the keys to a brand “sparkling new” Silver ford Capri, I found it very hard to contain my excitement, the only thing I could not stop was my legs from shaking when I was driving it.  Very strange but I get the same feeling some 30 years later when driving certain cars.

The above memory has stayed with me, and I have always been on the lookout for the right Capri, one that deserves the best treatment, and obviously one that makes a great long term investment. Well in early 2015 I found it, what I would like to call the holy grail of Ford Capri’s

 photo photo_zpsa3bvxu4j.jpg

3 litre Sport model.
32,000 Genuine miles over 36 years.
Totally un-restored in original condition.
Never been used in wet/damp conditions.
Still factory fresh underneath.
The actual Corgi Vanguard Signal Yellow Car.
Like new interior, with no wear to seats.
Both Keys, and dealer fobs.
Unused spare wheel and Jack.
Supplied with the best optional extras,
Recaro seats “fishnets” and steel sunroof.
Supplied in 1979 by VWM Motors (RS dealer)

Well if that is not the Holy Grail of Capri’s I don’t know what is………….


Body & Paintwork

Interior & Trim


Running Gear