2003 Ford Focus RS



A One Owner Ford Focus RS, with only 3,570 miles from new!

Absolutely fabulous throughout, completely original, with an incredible paperwork history file.
A modern Ford investment car for the serious collector.

Genuine 3,570 miles.
One Owner From New.
Original Purchase Invoice.
Spare Keys (unused).
Full Ford Service History.
Incredible Paperwork History.
Immaculate Unmarked Interior.
Original Paintwork.
Underside ‘as new’.
Zero Modifications.

Possibly the lowest mileage MK1 Ford Focus RS left?


Purchased new, as a present in 2003.
One owner from new.

The registration was purchased separately to the vehicle, and was put on the car from new, with all paperwork within the history file.
Within the history file are many pre – launch letters from Ford, and information on the ‘upcoming’ Ford Focus RS.

All original booklets are present, including the service book which is fully stamped as it should be.
All MOT’s are within the history file, as well as the Sorn declaration forms when the car was not taxed.
As you would expect, the incredible mileage is fully warranted.

Original purchase invoice is also present of course, along with receipts for each service.

Generally low mileage cars tend to have a small amount of paperwork history, but the history file on this car is simply superb.

Body & Paintwork

As you would expect, with a car of this mileage, the bodywork is in fantastic order.

All original panels, with original paintwork.

The paintwork gives a great shine, and only a couple of very light marks on the roof are present.
All lights, and badges are as new.

Extra protection films were applied when new, by customer request (Ford paperwork to confirm).
These protection films have meant that the front of the car is without even a single stonechip.

The car has clearly been kept dry through its entire life, as the underside is also in fantastic order, with no signs of corrosion at all.

Interior & Trim

This is an area that a lot of MK1 Focus RS’s suffer.

This example is quite literally faultless inside!

The seats are simply superb, with no signs of any wear at all, and the rear seats have never been sat in.
All carpets are without any marks, with the original floor mats still fitted (and again, without any wear marks).

Dashboard is unmarked, and original stereo is still in place, along with original gearknob and steering wheel, all of which are in ‘as new’ condition.
Everything works as it should do, and the overall appearance is still fantastic.


With only 3,570 miles under its belt, this engine is barely ‘ran in’.

Whisper quiet from cold, with no tapping from cold which is common on these engine.
The car has been regularly serviced (many stamps within the service book to prove), and this shows.

No smoking, either on start up, idle, when on boost, or on overrun.
The car pulls strongly through the entire rev range, with no hesitation at all.

Driving this car is an absolute pleasure, the gearbox is nice and tight, the clutch is fantastic and performance is very good indeed.


Running Gear

All running gear is in fantastic order throughout.

Brakes are superb standard items, and have no judder at all.
All suspension is without fault, and still in original paint with no corrosion.

The wheels are in unmarked condition, with original tyres still fitted.

We are sure that it would be extremely difficult to find a better example than this MK1 Ford Focus RS.