1986 Vauxhall Nova SR



Here we are offering a superbly retro hot hatch, in the shape of an early ‘pocket rocket’ Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR.

The Vauxhall Nova’s are becoming increasingly sought after, particularly the early examples.
To find an example with such low mileage, low owners, and without any modifications is almost unheard of.

Fully warranted 16,053 miles from new
Original purchase invoice
Supplying dealer number plates, window sticker, keyring, compliment slip, tax disc holder and warranty/breakdown booklet
All original booklets
Spare key
First owner for 26 years
Recent full major service
Unmodified example

This is certainly not one to be missed!


Within the history file, can be found the original purchase in voice which states that the car was purchased new by Mrs Vallance on the 1st of August 1986, from Jessups Vauxhall Main Dealer in London.
The car remained with Mrs Vallance for an incredible 26 years, until it was purchased by Mr Dobson in 2012.
In February 2017 the car was then purchased by a collector and this brings us up to date.

Also present is the supplying dealer compliment slip, tax disc holder and Jessups breakdown cover booklet.

All other original booklets are also present, all being in great condition and still housed within the original Vauxhall/Opel/GM wallet.
The mileage is fully warranted through the history, and below is a breakdown of the MOT’s within the history file.

The car was most recently serviced in January 2017 by Courtenay Sport Vauxhall Specialists, who completed a full service & inspection, including all fluids/filters and cambelt/water pump change.

MOT History:
89 – 5,341 miles
90 – 6,812
91 – 7,820
92 – 8,635
93 – 9,455
94 – 10,779
95 – 11,599
96 – 12,240
97 – 12,800
98 – 13,520
99 – 14,048
00 – 14,255
01 – 14,385
02 – 14,587
03 – 14,645
05 – 15,026
06 – 15,049
07 – 15,062
08 – 15,079
10 – 15,096
13 – 15,102
14 – 15,321
15 – 15,626
16 – 15,750
17 – 16,052

A full 12 month MOT will be applied upon agreement of sale.

Body & Paintwork

As you would expect of such a low mileage example, this Nova SR presents very well.

The car is still sporting all original decals, and the paint is 90% original across all the panels (all panels are original of course).
The Carmine red paintwork was machine polished before it went in to storage in 2017 so really does look superb!

Also note, that the glass all appears to be original, and all has the correct registration etched on all glass.
The original wheels are unmarked, and all lights are original, and in great condition.

A couple of small imperfections to the lower vinyls, but this is being extremely fussy of a car which is now 31 years old.

We are sure that anybody viewing this car would be very impressed with its condition and presentation alike.

Interior & Trim

Open the door and prepare to step back in time, with this superbly retro interior.
As is clearly evident from the pictures (many more available) the interior is in superb condition.

The interior presents extremely well, and upon viewing we are sure you will be amazed by the presentation.
Both drivers seats are superb, with bolsters being very firm and without any damage.

The rear seats look as though they have never been sat in.

Everything operates just as it should do, and the front doorcards are in superb condition.
The rear door cards have started to lift which is very common, and could easily be rectified.


As you would of course expect, the car runs very well indeed.

Having recently had a full major service by world renowned Vauxhall Specialist – Courtenay Sport, you can rest assured that the vehicle wants for nothing and has been fully checked over and serviced by the best in the business.

On the road the car drives fantastically, and has no problem at all in flowing with modern day traffic.
In fact with these cars being so light, it still feels surprisingly energetic to drive.

The engine bay itself presents well, showing off its great originality throughout.

Running Gear

All running gear is in good order, and the car is an absolute pleasure to drive!

The steering and brakes feel great, giving good feedback.
No unwanted noises at all.

The clutch is an absolute joy, and the gear change is precise and positive both when changing up gears or down gears.

Looking underneath the car, it is clear to see that the car has been stored well over the years, with no welding ever having been done, and certainly none needing to be done.
The floor pans, sills, chassis, and running gear are all in good condition and if somebody wanted to, this could be turned in to a show car with little effort.