2000 UK Ralliart Lancer Evolution Tommi Makinen



Viewing by appointment only.

We are very proud to offer for sale, what is undoubtedly the best Tommi Makinen currently on the market.
Having had various examples through both our showroom & our workshop for either servicing or restoration works, we are very familiar with these cars.

This UK SCP (special colour pack) example has been fully restored, from top to bottom to a very high standard, we are proud to have been involved with the restoration in the latter stages & are now very happy to offer the car for sale.

Extremely thorough & fully documented restoration
Very Rare UK example
Special Colour Pack car
Fantastic service history prior to restoration & since
Full MOT history
Original spare keys
All original booklets
Immaculate interior
Stunning underside
Very rare Ralliart upgrades (original parts still with the car as well)
Fully rebuilt engine as part of restoration
A huge pile of invoices for all the new old stock parts purchased
No stone left unturned on this rebuild

A true collector grade example, that is every bit as special as it looks.

With ‘The Gran Turismo era’ cars climbing in value quickly over the last 12 months, the red Tommi Makinen Editions are in serious demand, finding an example like this is extremely difficult, we are very pleased to offer this fantastic example which would look at home in any serious car collection, or indeed this example is ready to be enjoyed as a weekend luxury.


Accompanying this example, is a vast & thorough history file.
Service history from the start, all the way through until the car was taken off the road for the purpose of being turned into a true show car example.

Since the restoration the car has been maintained & looked after by ourselves within our workshop facility, so the servicing is documented as well as the invoices from ourselves when we were involved in finishing the restoration in the latter stages in April 2022.
A very well put together example, with a huge amount of new old stock parts used. This is not a ‘tarted up’ rusty old example, this is a properly built show car example.

Service history:

2001 – 18 miles – PDI
01 – 4,348
02 – 9,037
02 – 13,641
03 – 17,680
04 – 20,685
04 – 23,075
04 – 28,018
05 – 29,499
06 – 33,391
06 – 34,962
07 – 35,439
07 – 36,010
08 – 36,347
08 – 37,343
09 – 44,103
10 – 45,474
11 – 46,910
12 – 47,787
13 – 48,176
Car off the road for full restoration.
23 – 48,705

Body & Paintwork

As with the rest of the car, the bodywork is in very good order, with no damage or corrosion on the car at all.

The passion red paintwork has been done to a high standard & looks great, in April 2022 when we were finishing tasked with finishing the long term restoration for the customer, the car was fully machine polished & ceramic coated as final prep.

We also fitted the genuine sticker pack kit, as this car is an SCP (Special Colour Pack) example from the factory.
With little usage since the completion, which has mainly been to shows or to ourselves for service, the car is without any gravel rashing os stonechips, it looks simply fantastic!

All badges & decals are of course in as new condition, having only recenlty been fitted, all glass is excellent & all trims are also as new having been new items when undergoing the restoration, same with all lights.

The wheels are unmarked, and present really well.

An extremely well presented example throughout, which draws a big crowd wherever it goes, such is the standard of the car.

Interior & Trim

The interior of these cars can quite often be the downfall, with many showing signs of age/wear throughout, but particularly the front seat bolters & the top of the rear seats tend to show fading due to UV exposure. This example is immaculate inside!

Both front seats are in great condition, with none of the usual ‘bobbling’ material on the bolsters & likewise the rears are fantastic, with barely any fading to the top of the seats at all.

Only genuine optional Mitsubishi gauge cluster is good enough here, no aftermarket gauges, or screw holes on the dashboard as is often the case.
Almost all trims, including complete door cards were purchased & fitted as part of the no expense spared rebuild.

Totally above & beyond any other example currently on the market.


The somewhat legendary 4G63…..

The service history demonstrates that this car / engine has been maintained fastidiously, with enthusiast ownership throughout.
However as part of the rebuild, the engine was not left out, having been fully stripped & rebuilt as the owner wanted a ‘as new Tommi Makinen’.

Starting from cold, the car does not smoke, the engine does not have the usual tapping when cold (or warm for that matter).
When driven the car has great performance, even by today’s standards this is still a very capable machine.

Smooth power delivery throughout the rev range, with no smoking either when on boost or on overrun.

The engine bay itself presents extremely well, benefitting from all ancillaries having been fully refurbished, various new old stock parts, hoses, clips plus more.
Obviously the attention to detail means all correct parts have undergone zinc plating of parts to give the factory look.

The addition of the ultra rare optional Ralliart pipework kit (complete with all correct clips/brackets & hoses), the Ralliart battery relocation kit & Ralliart intake kit with the super rare Monstersport carbon fibre airbox only add to the ‘wow factor’. These parts are very rare now, especially in such fantastic original condition.

Also fitted is a matching Ralliart exhaust which sounds very subtle & presents beautifully as well.
Anybody familiar with these cars will know that brackets, fixings, and bolts do show signs of age very quickly/easily, but as the pictures demonstrate this example is in great order.

Running Gear

As with the rest of the car, all running gear is in excellent condition.

The underside presents just as well as the rest of the car, having not been overlooked at all.

On the move, the brakes are very effective & pull the car to a confidence inspiring stop, nice & straight.
All suspension is without any noises & handling is simply sublime.

The gearbox is without any crunching either changing up or down the gears & the clutch is a pleasure to use.
All wheels are unmarked & have matching premium tyres fitted.