2023 Lamborghini Huracan STO



Viewing by appointment only.

The ultimate swansong…. the Huracan STO (Super Trofeo Omologato).
In the words of Chris Harris ‘The Best Lamborghini Ever Made’.

Not only is it extremely special, but it is the last of the Huracan, with the new breed Lambo’s set to be hybrid the STO could prove to be a very sought after Lamborghini in years to come when such extreme ICE cars are a thing of the past.

The STO is Lamborghini’s take on a race car which can be used on the road, with real world aero design, extreme weight loss (dry weight of only 1339kg) & extreme power from the glorious normally aspirated V10 engine (over 630bhp). This is no ‘badging exercise’, this is the ultimate incarnation of the V10 Supercar & the last of its kind.

2023 Huracan STO.
152 miles.
Beautiful specification with over £43,000.00 of optional extra’s – detailed below.
Plus £6,000.00 spent on full body PPF for peace of mind.
Condition is totally as you would expect – stunning.

Optional Extra’s:
Verde Selvans colour – £9,540.00
Red seat belts – £1,150.00
Smartphone interface – Apple car play – £2,480.00
Cruise control – £650.00
Anti theft system – £510.00
Rear view camera – £1,470.00
Bezel, louvres, upper fin in gloss carbon – £1,110.00
Snorkel & rear wing in gloss carbon – £6,420.00
Sticker pack 1 – £1,840.00
STO trim – Sportivo Alacantara – Bicolor – £2,290.00
Interior dark chrome pack – £1,840.00
Lamborghini logo on dash – £650.00
Sports seats – £5,050.00
Travel pack – £410.00
Front lift system – £2,750.00
CCMR brake calipers in red – £920.00
Hek 20″ forged matt black wheels – £1,380.00
Contrast steering wheel stitching – £190.00
Contrast interior stitching – £650.00
Tracker – £1,895.00


After the very successful V10 Lamborghini Gallardo, came the Huracan in 2014.

A modern day Lamborghini with fantastic performance, whilst being user friendly, especially with the all wheel drive layout meaning people who may well have been ‘scared’ of ‘taming’ a wild bull were reassured that the car could be enjoyed & used without being scared stiff that the Lambo would bite at any given opportunity.

A huge success story & many very pleased owners later – Lamborghini wanted a swansong, a goodbye that would do the Huracan & its glorious 5.2L normally aspirated V10 justice, before the Lambo line up becomes hybrid. This paved way for the ultimate incarnation, the STO. Maybe the last of its kind, the STO production run has not been able to keep up with demand, the STO is highly sought after & we believe it is very likely that in years to come, the STO will be a real one to watch.

What we offer here, is an opportunity to beat any waiting queue by getting straight into, what is essentially a new STO with a fantastic specification.

Body & Paintwork

Absolutely stunning, what a colour for an STO!

Not only is this in (arguably) the best colour, it has fantastic options from new, including Bezel, louvres, upper fin, snorkel & rear wing all finished in gloss carbon fibre.
Couple this with the matt black Hek 20″ wheels, the red brake calipers, the STO side decal options & you have got a seriously striking car.

The car has benefitted from a full body paint protection film application, so the car can be enjoyed without worry.
This was at a cost of just over £6,000.00.

All areas of the car present very well, as you would fully expect with it being basically a brand new car.
All carbon fibre looks stunning & really helps make this STO stand out from examples of lesser specification.

Interior & Trim

As well as the exterior, the interior options are vast, really making this a special STO.

Sports seats, Red seat belts, Lamborghini logo on dash, Interior dark chrome pack, Bicolor Alacantara, Contrast interior & steering wheel stitching, Smartphone interface, Apple car play, Cruise control, Rear view camera…. the list goes on, including the travel package option which gives a Cup holder, Travel Nets, Ashtray & 12V plug with lighter.

All seats, trims, carbon fibre, switches… all present totally as new.


The absolutely glorious normally aspirated V10, which makes the most fantastic noise.

Over 630bhp, with instant throttle response, the Huracan has never been classed as ‘slow’, but Lamborghini really went to town on the STO with saving as much weight as possible, which just helps amplify the power that is available.

In a world of turbochargers & lack lustre driving feel, the STO was designed to give a driving experience unlike the modern turbo charged era of Supercar, the N/A V10 is brutal in its responsiveness, yet docile & friendly should you want it to be. The sound again, can be sedate and polite, or it can indeed be almighty!

A race car for the road is how some have tried to explain the STO, others have called it the greatest modern day drivers car & it has even been called the greatest Lamborghini ever.

Either way, the STO is a brilliant car to experience, and is the last of a dying breed. A true raw supercar which can truly make your spine tingle.

Obviously this example having barely been used, presents beautifully with the engine cover removed.

Running Gear

Do not think that the STO is a Lambo which throws crazy design & big power into a pot & hopes for the best like Lambo’s of years gone by.
Them days are long gone, the STO is hugely capable, with handling & braking abilities which really set it apart from the competition.

With only 152 miles driven, this STO has zero faults & drives brilliantly.