2017 Ducati 1299 SuperLeggera



A highly collectible, and Unregistered 1299 SuperLeggera with just 3 miles.

Number 305 of only 500 made
1299 SuperLeggera box with road use items (Number plate holder/mirrors etc)
Carbon fibre frame, body work, swing arm and wheels
Original booklets
Spare key/s
PDI sheet
Track Kit example – which includes an Akrapovic titanium race exhaust system, a taller race screen, machined ali mirror blanking plates, number plate removal kit, track-only carbon bellypan (can’t be used with sidestand), and front and rear paddock stands.

A serious collectors piece ready for any collection.


Upon release the SuperLeggera instantly sold out, thanks largely to Ducati approaching exclusive Ducati owners even before the bike was officially released.

Weighing in some 11kg less than a full-blown world superbike factory race bike, the Superleggera 1299 has the kind of numbers that are getting close to a MotoGP bike, yet amazingly, the carbon-fibre framed SuperLeggera was produced, for the road, but only in a limited edition of 500 ultra collectable bikes.

Carbon-fibre everywhere – from the bodywork in carbon to the main chassis, swingarm, subframe and carbon wheels.

All in, a standard Ducati 1299S Panigale weighs in 190.5kg wet, this 1299 Superleggera weighs 167kg wet, 23.5kg lighter!

But, it was not just about weight, the Superleggera is the most powerful twin cylinder motorcycle from Ducati ever made, making an astonishing 215bhp.

But power is nothing without control and the SuperLeggera boasts an impressive list of technology to ensure the power remains useable.
A Bosch six axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), developed alongside Ducati Corse. Plus we have launch and slide control, as well as updated traction, wheelie and engine braking control, cornering ABS, an autoblipper, quickshifter, datalogger and a 1.7kg lighter lithium-ion battery

It is easy to see why the SuperLeggera was an instant hit and sell out.

Body & Paintwork

Being a Ducati, it goes without saying that these bikes are beautiful in the flesh, and really let you know that they are something rather special.

Everywhere you look, you notice beautiful carbon-fibre, or another neat little detail.
In terms of bodywork, the rear subframe, fairing, mudguard, hugger and exhaust heat shield are all carbon. Only the fuel tank is aluminium.

Add this to the frame itself, wheels, and so on – it really is something to behold.

The satin red is the perfect contrast, and is in great order – although a few storage scratches are present on the top of the tank.
Being a satin finish we have not tried to polish these imperfections.

Interior & Trim

All trim is exactly as you would expect from a bike which has never been ridden and has only 3 miles showing on the odometer, and everything operates just as it should do.



Yes 215bhp in a bike which weighs only 156kg’s. (Dry Weight)
This bike was built to decimate, read any review of the 1299 Superleggera and you will get a small insight in to just how well these bikes were received upon release.

The 1285cc Superquadro motor is crammed with race-bred parts, high compression pistons, high-lift cams, aluminum cylinder liners, a lightweight flywheel, titanium con rods, sand-cast crankcases, bigger (than even Ducati’s racing superbikes) titanium intake and exhaust valves and a ported, 0.4kg lighter cylinder head. The engine weighs 2.1kg less than the 1299S’s.

A titanium Akrapovic exhaust with WSB-style twin underseat pipes, different length inlet trumpets, all help create this absolute monster.

With such a fearsome power-to-weight ratio, the acceleration of these bikes is absolutely brutal.

Running Gear

A high-strength carbon fibre monocoque chassis is 40% lighter (-1.7kg) than the cast aluminium item found on the rest of the Panigale range and the single-sided swingarm offers another 18% weight saving (-0.9kg).

1.4kg lighter wheels are carbon fibre with aluminium hubs. Ducati claims 26% less rolling resistance at the front and 44% at the rear. They’re shod with Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa SP trackday tyres.

Fully adjustable Ohlins 43mm FL936 forks weigh 1.35kg less than the Ohlins on the homologation special Panigale R.
At the rear the Ohlins TTX36 shock is fitted with a titanium spring and saves a further 0.5kg.
Superbike-inspired Brembo M50 radial calipers with race pads bite twin 330mm front discs.

Ducati claims 156kg dry, but it’s actually 167kg wet, with no fuel and 178kg with its 17-litre tank full to the brim.