1987 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9



We are very pleased to present, a very nice, honest and genuine example of what is ‘the real GTi’

66,150 miles
Original booklets
Spare key
First service voucher/warranty card present
Freshly serviced (including cambelt)
95% original paintwork
Lovely interior

If you are looking for a very original, well presented, and usable modern classic then look no further.


Within the history file, are the original booklets, which are retained in the original wallet.
Further to this is the service history and MOT history as below, along with the spare key, and the original warranty card.

2014-2016 are MOT’s carried out in Northern Ireland, upon sale the car will have a fresh MOT carried out.
The car was taken off the road in the late 90’s as can be seen below.

V5 states one previous owner.


17/01/95 – 49,202 miles
16/01/97 – 61,101 miles
15/08/11 – 63,929 miles
30/01/12 – 64,205 miles
27/06/14 – 65,440 miles
22/07/15 – 65,979 miles
28/07/16 – 66,003 miles


17/01/95 – 49,202 miles
03/10/95 – 53,831 miles
02/08/17 – 66,116 miles (including cambelt & water pump)

Body & Paintwork

Remarkably this example is still in original paintwork across 95% of the car, clearly demonstrating the cherished ownership it has had throughout its 30 year life .

The colour works very well, and makes a nice change from the Red or White of most 205 GTi’s, with the paintwork still presenting very well.
Only a few very small and minor marks are present on the car, which considering the car is mostly original paint, is quite remarkable.
The bodykit trims and red pinstripe trim are also in good condition.

All badges are still in place, and all appear to be original with minimal wear.
Again, the glass is all original and in great condition, with the sunroof working just as it should do.

Interior & Trim

The interior of this car is in very good order throughout.

As the pictures demonstrate, the carpets are still nice and bright in colour, looking very fresh even today.
The seats areĀ in great shape, with nice firm bolsters and only some small signs of wear to the drivers bolster as pictured.

The original stereo is still fitted, and no additional speakers have been retro fitted ,a nice original/unmodified interior, in great condition.
This really is a car to be enjoyed.


As you would expect, the car runs very well indeed.

Starting from cold, with the first turn of the key, and without any unwanted noises.
The car does not smoke, and performance is still adequate even by today’s standards, with a nice smooth power delivery through the rev range.

Having just had a fresh service, which consisted of oil, oil filter, cambelt, and water pump, you can drive away safe in the knowledge that the engine not due any maintenance works.
The engine bay itself present well, with only very few signs of age.

Running Gear

This car drives very well, with a nice crisp gear change and nicely operating clutch (the clutch was renewed at 56k miles).

The car brakes straight and effectively, and no unwanted noises are present when driving the car.
Handling is just as good as all the reviews and accolades would have you believe, this is a fantastically fun car to use and enjoy.