1988 Capri 280 ‘Brooklands’



A very well presented, original unrestored Capri 280 with lovely history, and mileage.

29k miles
Full Comprehensive History
2x sets of keys
Original booklets & wallet
Superb interior
Lovely paintwork
Original wheels
Correct Tyres
Un-used spare wheel
Dealer supplied window sticker
Dealer supplied number plates

This beautiful Capri 280 will not be for sale for long, anybody who is looking for a Capri will know that the values of Capri’s is rising dramatically at present, and finding a unrestored, original and low mileage Capri 280 if becoming ever more difficult. This example ticks all the boxes, and really is as good as the pictures show.


Any of our customers will tell you, we simply do not deal with cars with very little or no history.

For us History is key, not only to verify genuine mileage, but also to show how well a car has been maintained.
The History file is the vehicles story, and whether purchasing a classic car as an investment, or as a usable daily vehicle, history is absolute key.

So of course this Capri has comprehensive history, with a large number of old MOT’s, and service history which verify the very low mileage, and also that the car has had lots of maintenance over the years, despite the low mileage.

The original Ford spare keys are with the history file, along with the original booklets, and copies of the press release photos, and press release statement.

A list of the previous owners is also held within the vast history of the vehicle.

Body & Paintwork

The Booklands green paintwork is in very good order, with a lovely deep finish.

None of the usual swirls and marks from years of poor washing technique, instead a nice glossy and deep finish really sets this car apart.
The car is without any damage, and the panels are all original Ford.

Only a few small stonechips are present on the car, these are minor and as you would expect from a low mileage vehicle.

All trims are in good condition, the bumpers retain the original satin finish, all lights are in good working order.
Bump strips are original and in good condition, as are the bumper end caps.

All satin black window frames are superb, original.

The car presents very well, and would look right at home at any Ford show.

Interior & Trim

Anybody familiar with the Capri 280 will know that the interior tends to show signs of wear quite quickly.
The piping on the Capri 280 specific leather seats tends to discolour, and the leather itself fades and cracks if not cared for correctly.
The dashboards are also prone to cracking, amongst many other usual Capri ‘faults’.

This example has a truly superb interior, with the original Leather Recaro seats still being in great order, showing very little sign of wear.
The dashboard is crack free, and without any distortion.

Carpets are still nice and thick, and four original Ford mats are fitted, all of which are in great order.
Switchgear is all working correctly as you would expect, this includes the rear wiper, and the heater fans work on both speeds.
The Gear knob and steering wheel are in very good order.


Starts first turn of the key effortlessly – just as you would want.

The Capri 280 sounds beautiful as the V6 fires in to life, and instantly idles smoothly.
With full service history present, you can rest assured that this low mileage car has been regularly serviced and has been pampered by the enthusiast owners.

Holds temperature just as it should, and drives fantastically well.

The engine bay itself presents very well, and as per the rest of the car is very original indeed, with protection wax still being present with the engine bay and on the engine.

Running Gear

As per the rest of this Capri, the running gear is all in superb order.

Brakes are amongst the best we have felt in a Capri, and the suspension is without any knocking.
The steering feels tight, and the original specification tyres are fitted.

The spare wheel is in the boot, un used with the original tyre still fitted.

All wheels appear to be of original finish, and are unmarked.

The underside of the car itself is very good indeed, and could easily be made ”Concours” if you so desired.